HP is the top-most brand introduced various electronic products to the world at reasonable cost so that anyone can afford to buy it. Printer is one of its introduced products proffering high-quality of printouts with great speed. When you buy it and setup to start print, fax or scan sometime you may rarely experience that your, HP Printer is Not Printing Color as you are expected to be print. This is the one most common problem mostly users have come up with this trouble and when they go through this blog-post get the issue resolved in just a second. Moreover, you can contact HP Support Number to get in touch with experts to get instant help.


Possible Reasons for HP Printer not Printing Color

  1. Due to low ink cartridge
  2. If there is a printhead problem
  3. Color Settings are not adjusted appropriately
  4. Due to incorrect placement of cartridge
  5. If the printer driver gets outdated

Solutions to Fix HP Printer Not Printing Color Problem

Go through the below-mentioned instructions one-by-one without skipping a single step to get the HP printer not printing color problem fixed permanently in a couple of second. Let’s start troubleshooting it:

Solution 1: Check the Printer Settings

Check-out the settings of your printer by following the given steps:

  1. First, you have to click on the “Print” option
  2. Afterward, check the color option under the ink color section
  3. Now, take a printout from your printer to check whether the printed paper is in right color or not

Continue with the next provided solution to fix printer not printing color if yet your printer has the same issue.

Solution 2: Turn On Color Option on Printer

  1. Go to Control Panel in your PC
  2. Next, choose the Printer and Scanner option
  3. Now, select the HP Printer from the list and open its Properties
  4. See if the non-color is not checked
  5. Give an un-check to color option if there is check mark

Contact HP Support Number to Obtain Further Help

Don’t panic! If you yet persist the HP Printer not Printing even though completing the aforementioned solutions one after another as we have tech-support team present round the clock \to deliver fruitful solution at doorstep. So, you just require to do is to give an instant ring on this 24/7 helpline number and grab the resolving process in most efficient way.

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