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Tackle the Most Common HP Error Codes Easily

Published by Paul Anderson ,

HP Error Codes
Tackle the Most Common HP Error Codes Easily

Although HP printers work reliably, error codes do arise from time to time. No matter your model of printer, be it InkJet or Laser, you should learn about the different HP error codes and ways to resolve them. Doing so will save you time while you are in the midst of an important task.

Note that error codes can differ according to your printer model. You should have your printer user manual ready with you at all times. This post will give you an overview of the most common and basic error codes and messages on HP printers and how to resolve them.

Common HP Error Codes and Ways to Resolve Them 

Error codes on HP printers occur when there is some fault in the device. Every message displays on either your computer or the printer itself.

1. Supplies memory error or error code 10

This indicates an error with the cartridge chip of the printer. The printer cannot read the chip. This is because of the chip being scratched, improperly installed, or dislodged in the printer.

Fix it as follows:

  1. Turn off your printing device.
  2. Remove the power cable from its socket.
  3. Also, remove the printer cable.
  4. After 30 seconds, turn it back on.
  5. Reinstall the original HP printer cartridges.

2. Paper jam code or error code 13.x

You can find this code on new and older HP printers. If you’ve got a new model, just look at your printer to find all the HP printer troubleshooting assistance. It will tell you the location of the jam and how to fix it. But if you have an older model, locate the jam by examining all the printer access points. Gently take out the paper from the area without causing any damage.

3. Low ink 

It is one of the most prevalent HP error codes. It indicates that the cartridge is depleted of toner or has very low amounts. To resolve the problem, take out the cartridge and shake it. It will redistribute the remaining toner in it. But if the cartridge is completely exhausted of toner, buy a new one.

4. The printer is in an error state 

You will always find this error in an HP printer error code list PDF. It happens when the printer isn’t connected to your computer. You can fix a printer in an error state by restarting both devices and checking their connection. Also, check whether the cartridge has enough ink.

5. General firmware error 

This error code is common in HP DesignJet printers. It means an error related to firmware during a printhead alignment. You must turn off your printer and turn it on after 15 seconds. If the error is still there, upgrade the firmware.

6. Error code 22

This is an I/O configuration error and denotes a communication problem between your computer and the printer. Firstly, update the latest firmware. You can also plug your printing device into another computer port or use a different cable.

5. Disk failure 

Disk failure often occurs when hard disk drive crashes. You may hit the ‘Select’ button on your HP printer. If it doesn’t work, it indicates a hardware fault.

6. Error code 15.x or fuser error

The fuser error is one of the common HP error codes. Its solution lies in letting your printer cool by turning it off. Now, look for any paper jams or hindrances. Take away foreign objects. In the end, turn on your printer.

7. Error code 30

This error shows up with the message that the device cannot find your printer. It points to the fact that your printer isn’t activated yet. To fix it:

  1. Move to Control Panel.
  2. Here, find your printer and uninstall it.
  3. Also, remove all HP drivers.
  4. Go to the HP website. Then download the driver package.

10. Error code 0X6100004a

If you encounter this particular error code, check for paper jams and whether you have sufficient ink. Take out stuck papers from your device and refill the cartridge. You can reinstall the cartridges and print a page.

11. System error OB0010 and OB0009

This error code is also frequent in HP DesignJet printer. The OB0010 error indicates that you have installed the printhead cleaners wrongly. So, reinstall the cleaners and restart your printer.

The OB0009 error means that the aerosol fan cannot be detected. Restart your printer to fix this error.

12. Error code 79

Users who transition from HP Inkjet to LaserJet often face this error. It occurs from a corrupt print job or old firmware. The best way out is to update your printer’s firmware. After that, restart your printing device and the system.

13. Fan failure or memory card error 

If you find this error on a new model of your HP Laserjet printer, it implies a problem with the fans. But if you face it on an older model of the Laserjet printer, it points to memory problems. Contact a professional engineer to resolve the error.

14. Printer device error 

The printer device error can have various causes according to your Laserjet printer model. Follow this troubleshooting.

  1. Check if you have installed the paper tray correctly.
  2. Install the staple stacker again.
  3. Don’t print envelopes in duplex mode.
  4. Ensure that the configuration of the printer is correct.

15. Error code 0XC19a0003

Another common error code this points to an ink leakage on the printer’s bottom. It can be because of a print head problem or a damaged cartridge. To resolve it, remove the damaged cartridge and replace it. Clean the printer and reset your printer.

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How to Clear Error Codes on HP Printer 

There are a series of steps you can take whenever faced with an error code. These steps often work to resolve different types of errors on your printer.

  1. Turn on your printer.
  2. Let it come into stationary mode.
  3. Now, allow the printer to remain on.
  4. Take out the cable from the printer’s back.
  5. Now take out the power cord from the wall outlet.
  6. Wait for a minute.
  7. After that, plug the power cable into the socket.
  8. Reconnect the cable to the printer’s back.
  9. Switch on the device. Let the printer become silent.
  10. Now check if the error code has cleared.
  11. You must also ensure that printer is on the same network as Wi-Fi.
  12. Check the paper tray and ensure that it is fully loaded.
  13. Go to the official HP website and get the latest drivers.

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Final Words 

HP error codes are frustrating and waste a lot of time if you cannot troubleshoot them. Follow the fixes described above if you face any errors. For more assistance, contact a printer technical expert.



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