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Troubleshoot HP ePrint Not Working With Expert Fixes

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HP ePrint Not Working
Troubleshoot HP ePrint Not Working With Expert Fixes

HP ePrint allows you to print any document with just a single button touch from any location. It gives you printer access with an email. You can print them by emailing them to your printer’s email address. However, sometimes users report HP ePrint not working. The main reason for this issue is that your printer is not connected to the internet.

It’s also important to check whether your printer meets the ePrint job requirements and settings. Restarting devices such as the router, printer, and computer is a way to make ePrint work. Keep reading to uncover more resolutions for this HP ePrint issue.

What Is HP ePrint?

HP ePrint is a functionality designed for people who cannot always access technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB. ePrint has universal connectivity, so you can use your printer simply with an email.

Just email your documents to your HP printer’s email ID. The cloud computing technology of HP ePrint lets you send your printing jobs via an HP-managed server to your preferred printer. Your printer has its unique email address, so it receives your printing command.

To use ePrint, tap your account’s variation of the ‘New Message’ button. After that, you enter an email address, subject, enter a message, and hit ‘Send.’ The HP ePrint compatible printer prints the document whenever your printer gets your email.

Fixes for the HP ePrint Not Working

If HP ePrint does not work through an email and you cannot print, follow these troubleshooting procedures.

Do some preliminary troubleshooting

Start fixing the issue by first turning on your printer and connecting it to a network. Ensure that your mobile device and laptop have the capability of emailing.

  1. Your HP printer should have the ePrint through email feature.
  2. You must also check if it has the latest firmware.
  3. Navigate to the page to check these things.
  4. Next, see if Web Services is turned on your printer.
  5. Your printer should also have adequate paper and toner.
  6. Go to the page and check if your printer has been registered at HP Connected.

Find out whether your printer meets the ePrint job requirements.

If you find the HP ePrint not printing, check whether your printer fulfills the requirements of ePrint.

  • Turn on the Web Services.
  1. HP touchscreen printer owners should touch the icon of HP ePrint followed by ‘Settings.’
  2. HP non-touchscreen printer owners should print a self-test page to get the printer’s IP address.
  3. After that, input the address on the browser and tap the ‘Web Services’ tab to turn it on.
  • Ensure that your email fulfills the requirements of ePrint.
  1. The ‘To’ field should have only the email address of the printer. Do not input numerous email IDs.
  2. The ‘Subject’ field should have a text.
  3. You must not attach over ten files. The total size shouldn’t go beyond 10 MB.
  • Check whether HP ePrint supports the file attachment.
  1. You must have photos in TIFF, BMP, JPG, PNG, or GIF format. They must have a 100 pixels resolution.
  2. If you are attaching documents, they must be in Excel, PowerPoint, MS Word, Txt, HTML, or PDF files. Do not include encrypted, digitally signed, or password-protected documents.

These resolutions will also resolve the Mail System Error Returned Mail message when you give an ePrint command.

Troubleshoot the printer connection.

You may find HP ePrint not working and a Printer is Not connected’ error message when the printer connection is faulty. Follow these steps to fix a wireless HP printer connection.

  1. Put the printing device and the computer or the mobile nearer to the wireless router.
  2. Check whether your printer is fully turned on and in a Ready state.
  3. The printer and computer or mobile should be linked to a single network.
  4. Reconnect your touchscreen or non-touchscreen HP printers to the network.
  5. HP touchscreen printer users can go to ‘Setup’ followed by ‘Wireless Settings’ and then choose ‘Wireless Setup Wizard.’
  6. Touchscreen printer users press and hold the ‘Wireless’ button until the wireless light flashes.
  7. Restart your printer and computer and print a wireless test report.

Check whether the network devices and cables are working.

You should make sure that your router, switch, or network hub is working correctly. Are you linking the printer with an Ethernet cord? If so, see whether you are not connecting the printer through a phone cord or a crossover cable. The Ethernet cable should also be properly linked to the printer.

Give a static IP address to your HP printing device.

If you find HP ePrint not working on your HP Laserjet printer, setting up a static IP address for the printing device can help.

  1. Take a print of the network config page.
  2. Jot down the printer’s IP address somewhere you can find it.
  3. Now, input the IP address into a web browser and access the internal settings of the printer.
  4. Tap the ‘Networking’ tab followed by ‘Wireless.’
  5. Now, choose the ‘IPv4’ tab.
  6. On this window, configure a manual IP.
  7. Ensure to set an IP address outside the DHCP range. This is the range in which your router sets automatically.
  8. You can see your router’s DHCP range in its manual.
  9. For the ‘Subnet class,’ input
  10. But if there’s another subnet class, use that instead of the one above.
  11. Now, on the ‘Network Configuration’ page, input your router’s IP address and the first DNS.
  12. Leave the second DNS blank.
  13. Now, tap ‘Apply.’
  14. Finally, turn off your printer and router.
  15. After a few minutes, start the devices again.
  16. Now, using your new IP address, add a printer again.

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Ensure that the proxy settings are valid.

You must ensure that you are entering valid proxy settings if your network uses them while linking to the internet.

  1. Examine your web browser’s settings.
  2. Also, find out about the settings with the personnel who configured your firewall.
  3. If the firewall’s proxy settings are changed, update them in the Control Panel of your printer.
  4. In case of non-updated settings, you will find the HP ePrint not working.

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Summing up

HP ePrint allows you to print conveniently by just sending an email. Use the fixes above whenever you face problems with its working. Contact a printer technical expert to learn more about troubleshooting.



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