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Fix HP Printer not Connected Issue on Your Windows Computer

Published by Paul Anderson ,

Fix HP Printer not Connected Issue on Your Windows Computer

HP Printer not connected is one of the common issues faced by HP printer users. There are various reasons that can cause this error on your printer. To fix the HP Printer not connected problem, you should first understand the issue completely and then work on its fix. So, let’s start with our guide about how to fix the HP printer not connected problem in a jiffy.

Why is my HP Printer not connected?

Your HP printer connection can get interrupted due to many reasons like if the USB cable that you are using to connect your printer to the PC is damaged or not properly connected. The issue can also occur if there’s an issue with your printer driver. If you have recently set up your printer but not able to connect it to your printer or Wi-Fi then there must be an issue with your printer setup. Let’s find out the possible solutions for this error and bring your HP printer back in the working state.


Solution 1: Check and Fix the Printer Connection

To fix HP Printer not connected problem, you need to follow these steps to confirm that your printer is properly connected to your computer and network first.

1. Start with a Restart

Before you check the printer connection, restart your HP printer and computer or the device to which it is connected. Just power off the printer and unplug the switch from the power board. Leave it like that for 2 or 3 minutes and then plug the power cord once again. Switch the printer on and then continue further with the steps.

2. Check USB Cable and USB Port for Issues

The next step is to confirm that the USB cable connecting your printer to the computer is working fine or not. You can try disconnecting and connecting the cable once again. If that doesn’t work, try replacing the current USB cable with a new cable. The issue can also be with the USB port, you can simply connect the cable to another port. Or see if the ports have something stuck inside it that’s preventing the connection. Once you have verified that both the USB cable and port are working, you can continue with the next step.

In the case of the HP wireless printer, you can refer to your HP printer setup manual to establish a successful printer connection. The best way is to re-establish the connection once again as it will fix any temporary issue with your printer.

3. Check Your Internet Connection

Lastly, make sure that the network connected to your HP Printer is active and working properly. You can try switching to another network if your current one is slow. Both your Printer and device should be connected to a reliable internet network.

Solution 2: Update or Re-install Your HP Printer Drivers

Another reason that can cause HP Printer not connected issue is the issue with printer drivers. You might be using outdated drivers or have deleted some important drivers accidentally. In both cases, the solution is to update or reinstall the drivers on your device. When you download the HP Drivers manually, make sure you only download it from a reliable source. You can find all the necessary HP Drivers on including the troubleshooting utility that you can use to fix any error or issues with your printer.

How to Update Printer Drivers Manually?

To update the printer drivers manually you will need to install the latest drivers from the HP website. As we’ve mentioned above you can find the latest drivers for your HP printer on There you will need to mention your printer model and Windows version and when the drivers show up download them. Once, done double click on the downloaded file to install it.

The missing or outdated printer driver can lead to your printer not connected issue, so you should verify that your printer driver is up to date.

Updating your printer driver to the latest version can not only resolve any possible printer issues, like printer not printing, printer error, etc, but also bring you the best possible experience.

There are two ways to update your printer driver: manually and automatically.

Manually: you can manually download the printer driver from the manufacturer, and install it in your computer. Ensure to download the latest correct version that’s compatible with your Windows system. As this

Solution 3: Troubleshoot the Error 

Whenever you face any issue or error with your Printer, you can use the Windows built-in Troubleshoot feature to fix the issue easily. To know how to troubleshoot your HP Printer not connected issue with your HP Printer, follow the steps below:

  1. Search for Control Panel on your Windows search bar and Devices and Printers option.
  2. Navigate to your printer option and then right-click on it. Select the Troubleshoot option from the menu.
  3. Wait as your computer work on the fix and then follow the on-screen prompts to finish troubleshooting the issue.

If your printer is connected by the USB cable, ensure the cable is not damaged, and it connects firmly and correctly. Also check the USB port and clean the ports in case something inside the port is preventing your USB from connecting.

If your printer is connected via wireless network or Bluetooth, follow the manual delivered with your device to connect your printer to WiFi or Bluetooth properly.

As this varies from manufacturer and printer, for example the operations vary from HP printers to Brother printers, so we won’t cover it here and you should follow the product manual.

Solution 4: Clear Print Queue and Restart Print Spooler

At last, if you have tried all the solutions mentioned above, it’s time to restart the print spooler services from your Windows. Print spooler service manages the printing tasks you send to your printer or in simple words you can say it handles the interactions of your PC with the printer. If your HP printer is not connected to your PC, it can be due to some temporary issue with the Print Spooler. To restart your Print Spooler Service, follow the steps below:

  1. Press Windows + R keys to open the Run program on your computer.
  2. Enter services.msc in the given space and click OK.
  3. Find the Print Spooler service from the list and right-click on it.
  4. Click on Stop.
  5. Once again right-click on the Print Spooler service and now Start the services once again.
  6. Restart your PC and see if your issue is fixed or not.

That’s all. We hope you are able to print from your printer and have fixed your HP Printer not connected issue. In case your problem persists, you can give us a call at HP Printer Support to avail help.

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