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How to Restart Print Spooler on HP Printer?

Published by Paul Anderson ,

Restart Print Spooler on HP Printer
How to Restart Print Spooler on HP Printer?

It is very common issue that you are stuck in waiting list of printing job. At that time, it becomes very difficult to get the quick response of printing job. As you face this typical printing incidence, you can restart print spooler to get rid of this error. This is not the new incidence which happens along with your printer during the compilation of print command. In fact, a user becomes too much irritate while hindering the printing spooler.

In order to get full removal from the printer spooler issue, it is obvious to get in touch with HP printer support representative. They will surely tell how many new blunder available which does let you to perform better. Both common and technical support representative become the victim of this major difficulties.  However, no one has force to accept the compromising result in it. Healing of HP printer lies in easy problem solving approach and take the virtual assistance of HP printer assistant. Nothing needs you to do expect making the restarting the HP printer spooler regardless of module and versions.

Which operating system is feasible to restart printer spooler

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

List of affected HP printer having the pitfalls of printer spooler error

  • Photosmarts
  • Officejets
  • Laserjets
  • Deskjets
  • HP envy printer

Steps to restart print spooler on HP Printer

  • Switch on your computer, press Windows + R and type “service.msc” in run dialog box and hit enter.
  • Inside the service tab, you need to look for print spooler.
  • Once find printer spooler, you must right click it and go for the restart facility.
  • In addition to this, you must make some change with power cycle. The fine result can be obtained as you do off and on to printer spooler button.

Even though following the above mentioned steps, the HP printer spooler can show some complication as well. Handling this complicated issue can be possible through discussing obsessive subject matter by visiting Now, you should not need to move somewhere else and end your discovery at our third party professional team to restart print spooler.

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