Printers show a wide range of technical errors to home and business users each and every day. HP printer is one of the best quality printing devices, which has so many features. So, it is widely used around the world. The possible reason of HP printer not printing is that the black ink running out too quickly, obsolete printer drivers, wrong printer configurations in Windows, faulty connections and jammed papers. Hence, your HP printer rejects to print any document and shows the related printing error. So you should connect with HP Support Assistant or you should follow important tips explained by certified technicians.

Fix HP Printer Not Printing

Why is my HP Printer not Printing | How to print?

Possibly the most annoying of all printer errors is when your device has no visible error messages but it fails to print. In this situation, it is very important for you to check that the device is still connected to your computer system or wireless network. Make sure that the USB and Ethernet cable is properly connected or, if it is a wireless model, you should check that Wi-Fi is enabled to fix wireless printing problems.

Subsequently you should confirm that the printer is connected to the correct network and right printer drivers or software is installed into the computer from which you are going to print. Although you have installed driver, but sometimes it has corrupted, you need to download update driver from website of manufacturer.

Method 1: Printer is too Slow | Speed up Printer

The speed of printouts can differ from device to device. Mostly printers will give an average print speed for your printing process.  The quality and size of papers can affect the printing speed. So, you need to ignore large paper sizes. You need to use top quality papers. Thus, your printer can print properly.

Method 2: Paper Jamming Errors | Clear Paper Jam

Modern HP Printers are less prone to paper jamming but still they can occur. One of the most common reasons of paper jamming is paper misalignment. You should check carefully that the papers should be kept in the right manners. Also you need to avoid overfilling as it can create unnecessary jams. To solve this error, you should check that paper is aligned rightly, the tray is not over filled and the paper tray has been inserted appropriately.

Method 3: Prints are Too Light or Striped

If your prints are very light or striped, it is possibly that you have a clogged print head. A regularly happening error if you are using an inkjet printer, it can be resolved simply just by using your printer’s utilities. You should clean print heads. Thus, you can print to test from your printer. For any confusion, you can take HP Printer Support from expert printer technician anytime whenever you need.

Method 4: Printer Driver Out-Of-Date | Update Printer Driver

Using an outdated printer driver can be the one possible reason of your HP Printer Not Printing problem. However, printer driver acts as the translator between your operating device and your printer. Like other software, drivers are also needed to be upgraded with the latest version time to time. Sometimes, you may have downloaded the wrong driver on your computer to work with your printer. In such situation, you need to uninstall the driver you have on your desktop, install it again with an up-to-date version. After upgrading your driver you will get your printer and desktop chatting again. And with no hassle you can get the printout from your HP Printer device.

Method 5: Print Jobs Get Stuck In Queue | Clear Print Queue

Sometimes your printer isn’t the actual reason for not printing anything. A stuck print job can logjam your queue, which prevents printers from being delivery of printouts. It also won’t go away when you click delete most of the time. So, what you should do to clear your loaded queue and get your printer well printing again? Here’s what you have to get started with:

  1. Turn your printer off and unplug the cables from your power source
  2. Before clearing the print queue, make sure you have saved the document you are planning on printing, in the form you want it printed. As when you clear your queue, all print jobs that are not saved will be deleted automatically—it will disappear as well
  3. Open “Windows Services” by searching “Services” in the search box or clicking the Window button on your keyboard
  4. Go down in the middle of your list of Services, you’ll see the “Print Spooler” option there. Give a right click on that option and look at your options. “STOP” will halt any stuck print you have bogging down your queue
  5. Once you’ve halted all print jobs using the spooler, use the Windows Explorer browser to search: C:\Windows\System32\Spool\PRINTERS
  6. Delete all existing files in your queue and shut down your computer
  7. Turn on your printer again using the Power button, then switch on your computer back
  8. Restart the print spooler service
  9. Print your document. If it works, great! You’re done.

Method 6: Use Genuine HP Ink Cartridges

Sometimes, your HP printer doesn’t print because of out of stock ink cartridges or no ink available. You should check HP printer ink level. HP always recommends its users to use genuine HP ink or toner supplies. If you do not use genuine HP cartridges, the quality of printed papers may not be good or clearly shown.

Thus just by following above explained steps, your HP printer can print properly. If you face any technical problem, you can connect with printer technicians to get the right and complete technical guidance anytime.

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