Printers show a wide range of technical errors to home and business users each and every day. HP printer is one of the best quality printing devices, which has so many features. So, it is widely used around the world. The possible reason of HP printer not printing is that the black ink running out too quickly, obsolete printer drivers, wrong printer configurations in Windows, faulty connections and jammed papers. Hence, your HP printer rejects to print any document and shows the related printing error.

Why is my HP Printer not Printing?

If your HP printer is not printing then it could be really disappointing especially if you don’t know what to do about it. This problem is frustrating as you never know that it can be fixed by connecting the wires properly or you need a technician. The reason behind printer not printing any document could be:

  1. Lack of ink
  2. Paper jam issues
  3. Loose wires
  4. Non compatible drivers
  5. Outdated drivers
  6. Misconfiguration of the Windows

No matter what the reason is, you can take care of it by following some simple steps to troubleshoot the issue mentioned below:

Solution 1: Check the printer’s status

  1. You need to see whether there are sufficient sheets of paper in the paper tray or not.
  2. Check for paper jam issues in the paper feed.
  3. See if there is ample ink in the cartridges or not. If not then you should replace it.


 Solution 2: Cancel the printing jobs

  1. Open the Control Panel and then navigate ‘Devices and printers
  2. Find your printer and right click on it
  3. Click to See what is printing from the list of options
  4. Select ‘Printer’ menu and then click to Open As Administrator
  5. Open the menu of the printer one more time and then choose ‘Cancel All Documents
  6. Hit on ‘Yes’ to confirm when a window pops up


Try printing again and if you are able to print then the issue is gone

HP Printer not printing black

If your HP printer is not printing black then there are a number of things that you can try. Either of them will help you or you might have to try a combination but don’t worry as you will be able to resolve the issue on your own.

Solution 1: Clean the printhead

  1. Disconnect your printer from the power supply and open the rear cover of your printer
  2. Remove the ink cartridge and clean it properly
  3. Put back the print cartridge and connect the printer to the power source
  4. Run the automated startup sequence
  5. Give the command to print a test page to check if your hp printer is printing black now or not. You might be required to do it several times to get a black print.

Solution 2: Check ink levels

We tend to ignore the most common cause of the problem as it appears to be too simple to have an effect. Your cartridges fall in one of those groups. If your HP printer not printing black then you must check the ink levels. Clean the vent before installing a new cartridge and always make sure that you use the original HP Cartridges only.

Solution 3: Check Print Cartridge Alignment

You can run a ‘Self-Test Diagnostic’ and ‘Print Cartridge Alignment’ to get rid of printer not printing black issue. If you get an error message ‘Print cartridge alignment failed’ then you can refer to the troubleshooting steps stated below:

  1. Load the A-4 size paper first


  1. Go to printer ‘Setup


  1. Now, scroll all the way down to select ‘Printer Maintenance’.


  1. Next, click on ‘Align Printhead’.


  1. Click on ‘Continue’ and your printer will start the alignment process.


Troubleshoot HP printer not printing anything

You can refer to the following points in order to troubleshoot the HP printer not printing issue:

  1. Firstly, you are required to check the connection between the system and the printer
  2. Check if the network cables have been connected properly or not
  3. A lot can be fixed by just restarting the printer and the laptop so you can do it
  4. Once the printer has been switched off, you can unplug the cords and then plug them again
  5. You can also use the HP Printer Assistant to get rid of the issue

Fix HP wireless printer not printing problem

If you are unable to print with your HP wireless printer then it might be because of an issue with the Virtual Private Network or the IP address which might have changed recently. When you are stuck in this situation then you can try reconnecting the printer. To do it, you must disconnect it first and then follow the setup process from the scratch. You can do it by following these steps:

  1. Tap on the “Wireless” icon and then touch the “setup” icon from the control panel of the printer
  2. Click the option that says ‘Restore Network Defaults’
  3. Click on ‘yes’ when the confirmation window pops up
  4. When the default settings are restored then you can click on the ‘back arrow’
  5. Now you are required to click on the “wireless settings” option and then ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’
  6. When the print is done with searching for the network then click on the name of your wireless network
  7. Once the connection is proven, the blue light on the control panel will blink and you can try to print

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If you face any issues related to HP printer not printing then all you need to do is connect with the HP printer support and the experts will help you out in the best way possible.