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HP Printer Won’t Connect to Server | How to Connect?

Published by Paul Anderson ,

HP printer won't connect to server
HP Printer Won’t Connect to Server | How to Connect?

HP printer won't connect to server

HP Printers consists of many services and one of them is it enables users to make use of web-connected printing services. However, some users have also reported that they are encountering problems while they connect it with a server in order to scan emails. In order to scan emails or connect the printer to the server, you need to eliminate this issue as soon as you can. So, here we are discussing a few fixes that you can try to resolve HP printer won’t connect to the server issue.

Follow the Measures to Fix HP Printer won’t Connect to Server Issue

Check for Printer’s Connection

  • Firstly, you need to make sure that any USB cable isn’t connected to the printer.
  • If USB is connected, then remove it, as it prevents HP printers to connect with web services.

Restart all the devices

  • Sometimes, restarting the devices might resolve the issue, so try turning off Printer, Router & PC and then wait for a few seconds to turn them back on.
  • Check if the issue is resolved, if not then move to the further steps.

Turn on Web Services

  • In some cases, you need to turn on the web services from the Printer’s embedded web server webpage to get rid of this issue.
  • You need to first print the network configuration page from the wireless menu on their printer’s LCD display.

Adjust the DNS Settings for your HP Printer

Some of the HP users have confirmed that by changing the DNS server for the HP printer to Google’s IP address, they have eliminated server connection errors. To do that, open the embedded web server page. On the left side of the network tab, click on the wireless. Click on the IPv4 tab and enter as the first DNS there. Click on Apply to save changes. By doing so, you have configured the printer to utilize Google’s DNS instead of the router’s DNS server.

Update HP Printer Firmware

Try updating HP printer firmware, because sometimes due to the outdated firmware you can see connecting to a server error. So, update the HP Printer firmware from the official website of HP.

Make use of HP Print and Scan Doctor

HP Print and Scan Doctor is a utility tool that is usually preferred for fixing scanning and printer issues. But, you can also fix HP printer connectivity issues with this tool. So, it might come in handy for eliminating the connecting to the server error. In order to use this HP Print and Scan Doctor utility tool simply open its window. Now, choose one of the following fix printing or fix scanning or both to fix HP printer won’t connect to server issue.

We ensure you that some of the listed resolutions can solve your issue depending on the reason for the occurrence of the error. So, apply them carefully if you want to utilize HP web printing services. However, if you find some difficulty while applying these measures, then you need to place a call at HP Help Number at the comfort of your home. This number is completely free of cost and you can call on it at any time. For sure, after dialing this number and taking support from ingenious professionals, you won’t be disappointed.

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