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HP Printer Cannot Connect to Web Services | Complete Solution

HP Printer Cannot Connect to Web Services

In the present days, printers are not just only used for printing excellent quality text and graphics. It is now proficient in scanning images, send faxes, photocopy documents and even connect wirelessly to your router or web services. Wireless is a much better option than wired or USB connection, but there are several instances when your HP Printer Cannot Connect to Web Services whilst you try to connect it first time. In that situation, we recommend you to visit at once. Here, you will get a number of resolutions for clearing out your problems.

HP Printer Cannot Connect to Web Services

HP printers allow users to print from a location via accessing the internet. When the printer does not print and unable to connect with web services then you will see one of the following error messages.

  1. Server connection error: Problem while connecting to the server. Just press “Retry”, or OK to exit.
  2. Server connection error: Not able to connect to web services. Simply confirm Internet access and try again.
  3. Web services problem: Problem while connecting to web services server.

Troubleshooting HP Printer Cannot Connect to Web Services Issue

  1. Ensure that the printer which you are using supports web services by looking on the printer’s control panel.
  2. Check your wired or wireless connection are working perfectly and printer is properly connected.
  3. Restart the computer, printer, and router all at once, sometimes this helps to resolve all issues.
  4. Turn on the web service by using printer EWS might resolve communication errors with the printer.
  5. Check the Internet proxy server settings that it matches with printer EWS.
  6. By updating printer firmware on regular basis with the latest updates might resolve this issue.
  7. Update the router firmware, as outdated one can affect the performance, security or stops router to connect with internet.

At last, if the issue still persists, then try contacting HP Printer Customer Support Number at the comfort of your home. To take their support, simply give a ring to our helpline number and establish a connection with our tech experts.

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