Many windows 10 Users from all across the world are facing same problem that their HP Laptop Not Connecting to Wi-Fi with saved or new networks. If you are a PC user and upgraded to windows 10 lately, then you may have encounter with an error whenever you try to connect with Wireless network. It shows Limited or No internet access under the network settings icon which is at the taskbar. Luckily, resolving this error is a simple task you only have to make a call at our HP Support Number and take their appropriate support.

HP Laptop Not Connecting to Wi-Fi on Windows 10

Different software and hardware errors can be the outcome of HP laptop not connecting to Wi-Fi in windows 10. This may be caused by either an easy glitch or may be LAN being plugged in. So, you have to simply remove it and reboot to test. If it works, then well and good, otherwise try taking the help from an expert. There are certain steps by which you can easily connect your HP laptop to Wi-Fi in windows 10.

Steps to fix HP laptop not connecting to Wi-Fi in windows 10 

  1. Make sure to open your Wi-Fi by pressing wireless key or button from your HP laptop keyboard.
  2. Keep your wireless driver up-to-date by using HP support assistant, device manager, or from other trusted sites.
  3. Use automatic troubleshooting to detect and resolve various network issues.
  4. Ensure that you don’t have any hardware issue.
  5. Try reinstalling the wireless network adapter driver.
  6. At last execute Microsoft System Restore in your HP laptop.

This workaround works in every possible case, however if your problem doesn’t fade away, then try calling at our HP Laptop Support Phone Number.  This number is completely free-of-cost and you can access this at anytime from anywhere.  

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