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Measures to Resolve HP Printer Won’t Turn On

Published by Paul Anderson ,

The Best Fixes For When HP Printer Won’t Turn On
Measures to Resolve HP Printer Won’t Turn On

Printer problems can arise at any time and feel intimidating, especially when you are involved in important tasks. Users often find that their HP printer won’t turn on or that it has become unresponsive. The printer, despite being plugged in, will not turn on or shut off immediately.

This can happen because of an issue with the power supply or a power shortage. So, it is essential to identify the power supply, whether internal or external, and use corrective measures that will resolve the issue. Use this article as a guide to making your

boot up or turn on whenever it doesn’t.

My HP Printer Won’t Turn on – Quick Tips

  1. If your HP printer uses an internal power supply, recycle power to it.
  2. If the HP printer uses an external power supply, check if the external power module is compatible.
  3. You should also use another power cord to test the power source when the printer does not boots up.

Why the HP Printer Does Not Turn On

The major reason you are facing trouble in turning on the printer is because of a poor connection. This, in turn, is a result of the following:

  1. Old or non-working electrical cables
  2. Malfunctioning wall outlets
  3. A problem with the surge protectors

Solutions to Use When HP Printer Won’t Turn On

There are various measures to use when your HP printer does not work or turn on. You first need to identify your printer’s power supply. Then follow the relevant troubleshooting steps.

When your HP printer uses an internal power supply 

Use this sequence of troubleshooting steps to resolve internal power supply problems.

1. Reset the power module 

  1. Take out the power cord from your printing machine.
  2. Also, unplug the cord from the wall outlet or surge protector.
  3. Now, after a minute, plug the cord back into the printer.
  4. Also, plug it into the power outlet.
  5. If you have an HP printer with a Power button, press and release this button.
  6. If you have a printer with a power switch, press it to the off position, then to the on position.
  7. If you still face the issue, hit the Power button again after 10 seconds.

2. Use another power cord

  1. Take out the cord from the wall power outlet or surge protector.
  2. Link the printer to another outlet. It should be working.
  3. Now turn on the printer and see if the problem has been fixed.
  4. If it doesn’t, get a power cord with the connector as the cord of your printer.
  5. Now, link the cord to the printing machine and the outlet.
  6. Power on your printer and check if it turns on properly.

When your HP printer uses an external power supply 

When your HP printer using a power supply does not turn on, first check that the power module, cord, and wall outlet are operating. Now, use these techniques and check if your printer turns on and works after each.

1. Determine whether the external power module is compatible.

  1. To find out the compatibility of the external power module, first, locate its specifications.
  2. Ensure that the amperage and voltage on the power module correspond with the printer’s voltage and amperage.
  3. If they don’t, it means the power module is incompatible.
  4. You must purchase a replacement module compatible with your printer.
  5. Navigate to HP Parts Store online to find a suitable replacement module.

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2. Recycle power to your printing device

  1. Unplug your HP printer.
  2. Disconnect the cord from it.
  3. After that, remove the cord from its wall outlet or surge protector.
  4. When the printer is in this state for at least a minute, reconnect it.
  5. Connect your power cord back into the printing device.
  6. Now, plug this cord into the wall outlet.
  7. If your HP machine has a Power button, press it and then release it. Do not press the Power button for very long.
  8. If your printer comes with a Power switch, press it to the off position followed by the on position.
  9. Now your HP printer will turn on.
  10. If it doesn’t, reset the Power switch once more by pressing the Power button.

3. Use another power cord.

Are you still complaining that my HP printer won’t turn on? Check the power source with another cord.

  1. Take out the existing cord from its outlet or surge protector.
  2. Link the device to another wall outlet.
  3. Now, turn on your HP printer.
  4. If it turns on, the problem is with the existing power source.
  5. If it doesn’t, check if the light is on.
  6. In that case, get the printer serviced.
  7. But if the light is not on, use a cord with the same power module and the connector specifications as your printer’s cord.
  8. Link this cord to your printer and the outlet.
  9. Now, turn on your HP printer.
  10. You must change the power module if your HP printer won’t turn on.
  11. Purchase one from the HP Parts Store.

POINT TO NOTE: Recycle power to your printer and test the power source if your mobile printer with a battery does not turn on when plugged in.

Fix an Unresponsive HP Printer 

Sometimes when the printer is unresponsive, or the control panel freezes, you may not know what to do. It happens when the printer is in the Ready state. You will also find that the Embedded Web Server of the printer doesn’t come from a web browser window. No matter how matter your ping, the printer won’t respond.

But the solution to fix it is simple. Just turn off your printer. Now power it on after some time and see if it is still unresponsive.

If the printer is still in a frozen state, turn it off again. Take out the power cord and plug it back in after three minutes. Now turn your printer on. You will not face the issue, but if you still do, determine whether your printer has the latest firmware.

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Concluding Words 

Whenever you find that your HP printer won’t turn on, resetting the device and checking the power source are the best solutions. Use the guidelines in this article to quickly turn an unresponsive HP printer responsive. You may consult a printer expert if you cannot follow the instructions.

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