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Measures to Resolve HP Printer Won’t Turn On

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Measures to Resolve HP Printer Won’t Turn On
Measures to Resolve HP Printer Won’t Turn On

HP printers are reliable printing devices. But users also face technical issues with their printer models after prolonged usage. Sometimes, when there is a power shortage, you’ll find that an HP printer won’t turn on. The printer will not respond when you use the power button. This inability of the HP printer model to not boot up can be due to faulty wall outlets, very old electric cables, and defective surge protectors. In this post, you’ll find different resolutions for turning on your HP printer.

My HP Printer Won’t Turn on – Fixes to Use

You can make your HP printer turn on through various fixes. Follow the ones here.

Recycle Power to Your Printer.

When you find that your HP printer does not turn on, use these points to recycle power to the printer.

  1. Disconnect the cord from your HP printer.
  2. Now, unplug the power cord from its outlet or search protector.
  3. Let the printer stay like this for 60 seconds.
  4. After that, re-link the cord to the printing device.
  5. Plug the cord back into the outlet on the wall.
  6. If your printer has a power button, press and release it.
  7. If the printer has a power switch, press it to the off position.
  8. After that, press it to the on position.
  9. If the printer does not switch on, hold back for 10 seconds.
  10. Now, hit the ‘Power’ button again.

Examine the Power Source’s Function

Another way to work through this problem is by testing the power source’s functioning. Use another power cord and link it to an outlet and your HP printer.


If your printing device starts working again, the problem has been resolved. However, if you still find that your HP printer won’t turn on, get a power cord with the same connector as the power cord of your printer. Now link this cord to the outlet and your HP printer. Power on the device and see if it starts working. If it does, order a replacement power cord that your printer supports from HP.

Fix the Interference Caused by a Paper Jam.

A paper jam disturbs the usual functioning of your printing device. Here’s what to do to in order to fix this issue caused by a paper jam.

  1. Take out all the paper and clear the paper jam.
  2. Check various parts of the printer, such as trays and rollers, where the paper might be present.
  3. Reload the paper after fanning them.
  4. Now take out the device from its outlet.
  5. Take out the printer cords also.
  6. Now, after half a minute, put the power cord to the printer’s rear and plug the device into its outlet.
  7. Don’t use your HP printer with extension cords and power strips.
  8. Finally, hit the Power button and find out if the printer is working.

Check and Replace the Power Module of the Printer.

If, even after a reset, you find that your HP printer does not turn on, check the power module. Printers require a power source with a particular voltage. Otherwise, they will not boot up.

  1. The power module will have the voltage data. It will be present on the block. Locate it.
  2. Now, examine the volt specifications on the rear of your printing device.
  3. Now, look at the voltage information on the power module and the specifications on your printer’s back.
  4. If they do not correspond, you must get a new power module.
  5. This module should have the same specifics required by your printer.
  6. Now, replace the power module by first testing it with a multimeter.
  7. Note the model number of the power module that is inappropriate for your printer.
  8. Go to the official HP Parts Store, input the model number of the module, and get the right part.
  9. But if you don’t find the right part, get the power module repaired at an HP service center.

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Cancel the Print Jobs.

Many pending print jobs prevent printers from working properly. These jobs get stuck in the print queue. As a result, you’ll wonder why my HP printer won’t turn on. Use these points to cancel out print jobs.

  1. First, navigate to your Control Panel.
  2. Here, select the ‘Devices and printers’ tab.
  3. Among the different printers, select the HP printer.
  4. Hit the ‘Options’ menu. It is at the top-right part.
  5. Now, select the ‘Open as administrator’ option.
  6. Choose the ‘Cancel all documents’ option followed by ‘Yes.’
  7. Now, see if your HP printer is turning on.

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Final Thoughts

Issues with the wall outlet, electrical cables, and power supply are the main factors that prevent printers from booting up. Use these simple measures when you find your HP printer won’t turn on and start using your printing device effectively. You can also get professional printer technical assistance if you cannot resolve the issue yourself.


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