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HP Printer Only Printing Half Page – Solved

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HP Printer Only Printing Half Page banner
HP Printer Only Printing Half Page – Solved

HP Printer Only Printing Half Page bannerDespite being the fact that the HP Printer is an advanced innovative technological device, it has often several issues. Many HP Printer users usually confront a paper jam, ghost jam, and even also HP Printer Only Printing Half Page problems. There are several possible reasons due to which you can face such issues in your HP Printer. Whenever your printer prints a half-page of your document, it’s just a very frustrating situation. You may wander to learn the effective guidance to solve it quickly and effort-freely. While searching for the solution you have finally landed on the right page. In this guide, we discuss why it actually appears and how to resolve it more efficiently. Hence, Read and learn!


Why is my HP Printer Only Printing Half a Page?

Ink cartridges are the actual printer hardware playing a vital role in delivering high-quality printouts. Therefore, whenever the color/black ink cartridges are empty or most probably low, this may cause the HP Printer Printing Half Page problem. Although, most of the time it is noticed that the bottom of the page is not printed. This makes you annoyed and hence you may need an instant solving guide. Thus, you will be helped here!

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Methods to Fix HP Printer Only Printing Half Page

In order to eradicate the HP Printer Only Printing Half Page issue, simply go through the steps listed underneath. Let’s start following the provided troubleshooting techniques without making any mistakes:

Methods to Fix HP Printer Only Printing Half Page infographics

Solution 1: Check the Ink Cartridges of your HP Printer

If the HP Printer Prints Only Half Part of your document, this can be caused by the low ink level. That’s why we suggest you first check your printer for the ink cartridges. Here is how:

  1. The First and foremost step you are advised to take is, to open the HP Printer Assistant app on your Windows PC.


  1. In the next step, you have to place a single tap on the “Estimated Cartridge Levels” tab
  2. Thereafter, the app will display the estimated level of ink in the cartridges.


  1. If the ink level is low or not up-to-the-mark, replace the cartridges with the new as well as genuine ones.
  2. Maybe the Ink level is okay, then check the ink cartridges for expiry.


  • If the Ink Cartridge has expired, then this can be causing Why is my HP Printer only Printing Half a Page.
  • In such circumstances, you have to replace the Ink cartridges with the new ones. This may be helpful.

In case the HP Printer Printing Half Page problem yet persists when you print something, move to the next fixing guide.

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Solution 2: Uninstall and Reinstall Printer Driver

The faulty driver or corrupted driver installed against your printer could also sometimes trigger the HP Printer Only Printing Half Page. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to first remove the printer driver first from your system and then reinstall it consecutively. Let’s do it with the below-noted steps:

  1. First of all, press the Windows Key + R key altogether to invoke the “Run” dialogue box.
  2. Type “Control Panel” in the search box and press the “OK” button.


  1. In the Control Panel, Navigate to Hardware and Sound > Printers and Devices.
  2. Select the printer with a Half-Page Printing problem and click the “Printer server Properties” tab at the top.


  1. In the “Printer Server Properties” pane give a click on the “Drivers” tab.
  2. Opt for your printer from the given list.


  1. Click the “Remove” tab and then choose the “Remove Driver Only” option.


  1. Tap “OK” to finally remove the Driver from your PC.
  2. Click “Yes” to confirm the action.
  3. Now, restart your computer system.
  4. Afterward, download the HP Printer setup software from the manufacturer’s website.
  5. Run the Setup file on your PC and select the “Connect a new printer” option.
  6. Continue with the on-screen prompted instructions to properly install the printer.
  7. Print a test page to check the problem.

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Feel Free to Obtain 24/7 Online HP Support For Additional Help

We have tried much to proffer you a handy solution for the HP Printer Only Printing Half Page issue. We just hope that the aforementioned directives have helped you out in resolving your problem. If you want advanced technical assistance, you can frequently give us a ring at HP Support Online Number. One of our tech specialists will surely lend you a hand so you can resolve the issue in a few minutes.

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