An error code 50.4 is also known as fuser error. If you are seeing a fuser error on your HP printer, then to Fix HP Printer 50.4 Error you probably need to replace the fuser. Such type of printer problem is related to its interior that may be faulty due to damage. This format of error indicates that there is a problem with the power supply. You can get some steps when you click on the software HP Support Assistant. Once you click on this software and then you will receive each and every methods of the solutions on the next preferable page. You are just required to follow them and eradicate your hurdle.

Fix HP Printer 50.4 Error with HP Support Assistant

Fix HP Printer 50.4 Error with HP Support Assistant

For a temporary fix, you can try turning the printer off and back it on again. Sometimes the reboot will reset the fuser so that you can continue printing a few more pages. If the 50.4 Fuser Error returns, you should replace the fuser for final fixing.

Why HP Printer 50.4 Error Occurs?

  • In case there is occurrence of spike in temperature, the fuser may get damaged. After that, such an error appears and your HP printer will not print anymore.
  • The 50.4 error may display due to printing an unsupported kind of media. Those unsupported file will then be wrapped up in the fuser and hence the printer 50.4 error display on the screen.
  • Such an error message occurs due to something went wrong with the power circuit.
  • Something wrong with the windows registry can also result this error.

Solutions to Fix HP Printer 50.4 Error

There are some few steps through which you can troubleshoot this fuser error from your HP printer. Hence, keep your eyes feast on the below noted points and follow them very carefully:

  • Restart Your HP Printer
  1. Turn the printer off from the power button and then wait for almost 60 seconds. Now, turn it back on again
  2. While plugging it to the wall socket, make sure the printer is getting an uninterrupted power supply
  • Check The Wall Socket
  1. You should check the wall socket that is properly connected the printer.
  • Reset The Fuser
  1. Turn off the printer and plug out the power cord from the switchboard
  2. Now, wait for few seconds and open the right door of the printer
  3. Move your two blue fuser handles toward the center of the fuser
  4. Now, slide the fuser to right door for taking it out
  5. You need to check if there is any paper stuck inside the printer
  6. If you find the one, remove it gently
  7. Insert the fuser back to the printer
  8. Rotate this fuser away from the center
  9. Close the door
  • Now, plug the power chord back to the switchboard and then switch-on the button so that your HP printer device will be accessible.

If the problem still experiencing, then without any confusion take HP Printer Support from our experts’ team member and get instant remedy. You will get 100% satisfaction with our service provided team.

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