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How to Fix HP Laptop Slow Startup Problem?

Published by Paul Anderson ,

Fix HP Laptop Slow Startup Problem
How to Fix HP Laptop Slow Startup Problem?

Are you facing HP Laptop Slow Startup problem, after the latest windows 10 update on your HP laptop? It keeps you waiting for almost 6 minutes, and in between first screen goes blank, turns black and then successfully window loads. After it’s fully startup, it seems to run fine without showing any error.

Fix HP Laptop Slow Startup Problem

However, don’t you want to resolve HP laptop slow startup issue so that it takes less time to login? If so, then without wasting your further time, Get HP Assistant to get reliable solution at your door-step. You can also give try to some of the methods to fix this error.

Steps to Tackle HP Laptop Slow Startup Problem

  1. Disable the fast startup action.
  2. Clean up the boot drive by deleting useless garbage.
  3. Defrag the hard drive which also helpful in speeding-up the boot process.
  4. Change your HDD to SSD as SSD are much faster than HDD.
  5. Disable all update of Windows 10 manually.

Before proceeding with these methods, you need to finish 3-step examination first.

Take a look at the three-step examinations

  1. Try several times to restart your HP laptop, whenever the “Slow Boot Time” appears for the first time.
  2. At least run the Antivirus software once and remove all the suspicious software and files from your computer.
  3. Do not use the newest windows system in your old-fashioned laptop. It would definitely run awkwardly due to the hardware compatibility issue.

We, highly recommend you that after proceeding these three-step examinations go for the troubleshooting methods to fix slow Startup issue. But, if the problem still persists, then you need to take personal assistance from highly experienced professionals. For this, you have to make a call at HP Laptops Support Number at join their hand. We assure you that, the professionals available there are well-versed with all issues related to HP laptop and they gives simple explanations that can be solved by any users.

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