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What to do When USB Ports Not Working on HP Laptop?

Published by Paul Anderson ,

USB Ports Not Working on HP Laptop
What to do When USB Ports Not Working on HP Laptop?

It is very big issue as all concerned that USB Ports not working on HP Laptop.  You are not a single authority who faces such technical issue. Reflection of such technical issue might be come in practice placing of data storage device does not you to recognize hardware presence.  Do you regret over such trifles? Well, you should not worry to flourish the positive result as the rectification of challenge lies in expert’s hand of HP Support. They elaborate the numerous tactics to remove it easily.

USB Ports Not Working on HP Laptop

Top 3 solutions as USB Ports not working on HP Laptop

The list of Windows port fix can easily work in Windows 10, 8 and 7. With the implementation of mentioned techniques, the affected USB ports are working well.

  • Disconnect all co-related USB devices and recharge your battery
  • You can make some change in power management of all USB root hubs
  • Must update USB drivers for all USB devices

Before moving in problem solving part, you must ensure whether USB device is working well or not.

Remove USB device and re-seat your battery

Many times, USB ports not working on HP laptop well due to some hiccups in different component and change in peripherals.  Rearranging it paves the way to recover technical error.

  • Remove all USB devices from the different ports of laptop
  • Turn off laptop and plug off power cord.
  • Don’t be careless while removing battery from rear part of HP Laptop. If you don’t know the overall process, then you can take a look on manual process to temporary remove battery.
  • Wait for a while around 10 minutes before setting battery.
  • You ought to insert all USB devices and recharge your battery.
  • Boot PC if it is ready for work and tally all USB devices are doing fine.

Change power management to do some setting in USB root Hubs

Another effective way to USB ports not working well on HP laptop is tweak the property of USB root hub device.  To do this, you ought to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Pick target computer and use its affected keyword to do same which you have ever choose. Now, you would have to press on windows logo and Press R simultaneously. Now, you have the authority to copy and paste devmgmt.msc for obtaining the quality result. After filling this exact value details, you would proceed to ok button.
  • Henceforth, you can double click on universal serial bus controller and move on USB root hub.
  • Mark check in checkbox labelled as allow the computer to turn off device to save power. It is expected you should have to check mark to that box or not. Next, you can move ok.
  • It is expected to repeat these steps to fix all USB root hubs of your device manager.
  • Again connect USB device with USB port. Make sure it come back in healthy working position or not.

Update the driver of USB devices

  • Download and install driver easy.
  • You can operate driver easy and click on scan button.
  • Now, you can click on pro version. It is supposed to update all download automatically. Also, you should check that all versions are under the operation date or not.
  • Restart your computer and cross check all USB ports come in life or not.

It is not necessary every HP laptop customer gets success to fix USB ports not working on HP laptop issue by implementing this procedure. Lastly, it is advised to stay connect at our third party professional team.  The solution of problem is available to you as you dial HP Laptop Customer Care Number. The expert of our company does not positive initiative to heal technical cramps in it throughout the day. You can dial our toll free number for soon assistance.

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