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How to Troubleshoot HP Printer Installation Failed in Windows?

Published by Paul Anderson ,

HP Printer Installation Failed in Windows
How to Troubleshoot HP Printer Installation Failed in Windows?

To make connection between your printers and windows operating systems, you need to install an additional printer driver software. The software is generally called a driver. Without installing driver in your operating system, you can’t print even a single page. But, due to connection problem sometimes the installation process of HP printer driver gets failed.

You may get an error messages like “driver fatal install”, or “fatal error during installation”. At that point, you need to eradicate this driver installation failed issue with the help of HP Phone Number. To overcome this annoying situation, one of the proficient staff will connect you instantly and give you some effectual ideas.

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Steps to Troubleshoot HP Printer Install Failed in Windows

In most cases, simply reinstall the driver software to exterminate driver installation errors. Sometimes a reboot is required before attempting the installation again. Firstly, you need to uninstall the previous installation version of this software. Use a clean system to reinstall the HP printer driver software. The simplest way to perform this is to uninstall HP printer software by visiting the “Control Panel > Uninstall” option.

The next step you should try to fix this issue by using cleanup utility. You may also Run a disk cleanup to clear out the temp folders which are used for temporary installation files.

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Reinstall the HP Printer Software

After the installation cleanup process is finished and the Windows installer is fixed, you need to reinstall the HP Printer driver software. Before you start doing this, you need to unplug the HP Printer and then reboot the system so that Windows does not install any default drivers for the HP device. During installation you can reconnect the printer when the installation process indicates that. For wireless printers sometimes you are required to make a physical connection with your PC during the initial installation. You may also manually check the printers in detail.

In case you are facing trouble in understanding this above information. The top-most option is to contact our talented and experienced team via HP Customer Service. Once you call on this helpline number, you will get instant solution at an ease manner.

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