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Top 5 Ways to Print using Printer Apps for Android

Published by Paul Anderson ,

Top 5 Ways to Print using Printer Apps for Android

The advancement in technology has brought every facility on our fingertips. Because of the increasing use of Printer apps for android users no longer need to rely on big computer screens and laptops to print from their printer. They can simply tap a few buttons on their Android smartphone or tablet and the work is done.

Are you aware that there are multiple Android applications that facilitate printing via smartphones? No? Then this blog is for you. Here in this blog, we will enlist some of the topmost printer apps for android which helps in printing via android phone. In case you find any queries while reading this blog, feel free to get in touch with us at HP printer support where you can get in contact with the printer experts anytime anywhere.


Top most printer apps for android to print from android phone

Print From Chrome

The first possible way to print smartly is via Google Chrome. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using this option for printing.


  • Chrome can be easily installed on any device without any issues.
  • A universal solution.
  • An intuitive approach.


  • Can be used for printing from a web browser only while some users may prefer another browser like firefox etc.

This might not appear like a great option for some users. However, Google Chrome can open a lot of file types for printing. Therefore, Google uses Chrome as the primary printing solution for Android.

Here’s what you need to do to print from Google Chrome.

Firstly, find a page you want to print.

  1. Click on the Options
  2. Click on the Share button.
  3. Lastly, click on the Print option.

This universal printing solution can help you in printing any file type, documents and even images in various formats. Therefore, it is mostly preferred by users.

PrintHand Mobile Print

Another good application that can be used by everyone is the Printhand mobile print. An easy to use mobile application that can be used for printing via android device. Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Printhand mobile print-

  • The application can be installed on any android phone in a few clicks.
  • Users can print from a variety of sources.

Disadvantages of Printhand mobile print-

  • Availability of so many options in the app can sometimes make the process complex.

PrintHand mobile print is a simple yet best among other printer apps for android. It’s simple design and presence of printing features that you could hope for makes this app a suitable fit for all. Using Printhand users can connect with the printer in various ways using a WiFi network connection, cable connection etc.

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PrinterShare Mobile Print

Another popular printer app for android is PrintShare. It is a simple and streamlined app printing but comes with various limitations in the free version available to all which makes it slightly annoying with all the restrictions. Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages-

Advantages of PrintShare Mobile print-

  • Users can use it for printing via any android device
  • Easy to print via Gmail and Google drive
  • Simple and easy to use

Disadvantages of PrintShare Mobile print-

  • Limited facilities available in the free version
  • Doesn’t support every popular service.

Mopria Print Service

Another Printer app for android is developed by the Moprio Alliance, named Mopria print service. It is an independent third party that develops printing standards for printer manufacturing companies and operating systems like Windows 10 and Android. Here are some good and bad features of Mopria print service.

Advantages of Mopria-

  • The application is easy to set up on any android phone and print
  • Easily connects with all the printers certified by the Mopria alliance
  • Prints over Wifi and Bluetooth.

Disadvantages of Mopria-

  • Sometimes it does not work with a few printers and rejects old printers
  • Tends to neglect older printers.

Your Printer Manufacturer’s App

Last but not least is an option to choose the Printer manufacturer’s app. Every printer brand has its own mobile app that enables printing via Android smartphones. It is not a universal app as it connects only with the same brand printer but it does a great job and you will successfully complete your printing task if the app and the printer are of the same brand. Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages-


  • Can easily connect with the printer of the same brand because it is made for it
  • Easy to use
  • Best driver support.
  • Usually loaded with in-depth and useful features.


  • Can not connect with other printer brands
  • Might not connect well with older printer models

The printer app is regularly tested and updated by the printer manufacturers for its seamless use by the printer users. Also, the timely updates provided by the company bring in new features for the users on a regular basis. Any bugs or issues in the app are regularly fixed by the team.


Some of the printer apps for android given above are the universal option whereas some connect only with the printers of their own brand. So, if you are going to print from a single printer every time, the manufacturer’s printer app is suggested as it is easy to use and facilitate users with much better options. In case you find any printer related issues while printing from your smartphone or desktop, feel free to connect with the HP printer support. Our experts’ team is available to serve you with the best of our service around the clock. Enjoy printing!

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