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How to Prevent HP Laptop from Overheating?

Published by Paul Anderson ,

Prevent HP Laptop from Overheating
How to Prevent HP Laptop from Overheating?

One of the most common issues with aging HP laptops is overheating and many people can’t fix this issue. If you want to Prevent HP Laptop from Overheating, don’t worry! We are here to help you. Our team is talented and having much experience so the instant Hewlett Packard Support will be delivered at your door-step. Hence, connect with them via our helpline number and prevent your HP laptop from being overheated.

Prevent HP Laptop from Overheating

HP laptop causes so many problems when it gets heated. You will find that the laptop’s screen showing blue in color, laptop gets crashes, and losing some data. You might not even realize that overheating is the root of issues, and before you know it, motherboard burnt out. Let’s go to follow all the steps so that you can deal with an overheating computer effectively. As always before starting to messing hardware, take the time to back up your laptop first.

Causes of Overheating in HP Laptop

  1. Old HP laptop/ Notebook or there might be a problem of dust clogging the air vents.
  2. If Air fan is not moving with required speed. The problem might be with the bios setting for fan speed.
  3. If surface blocks air inlets then that could be a problem for overheating.
  4. Most Importantly – when thermal pad on the heat sink/processor melt then your HP notebook/laptop gets hot.
  5. If you opened many programs to run then you may face overheating problem.
  6. Any other hardware problem may leads to overheating in HP laptop.

Methods to Prevent HP Laptop from Overheating

Go through the given instructions very carefully and then it is 100% sure that your HP laptop completely gets prevented from overheating. Take a brief look at once:

  1. Buy a laptop cooling mats– As we know there are many brands for cooling mats such as Thermaltake, Xion, Targus, and etc. It is present in HP laptop stores, just buy the best one.
  2. You can also use wooden card board, plastic casing, a lap desk, or a tray table, as these is solid flat surface which can easily airflow.
  3. Take precautions from overheating and remember not to use to work on sofa, carpets, on double bed, folded blankets or pillows and in your laps. Doing so can block vents that is located on a bottom of HP laptop and this aids in reducing airflow, that causes overheat. Therefore, avoid using this all.
  4. Try to use your laptop in a cool environment. In this way, your laptop is away from overheats if your laptop is placed in a cool air conditioned place.
  5. To get rid of your HP laptop overheats, use a heat sink. Bring a steel flat bar for its external heat sink.
  6. Al least, clean all parts of laptop by using brush and prevent it from overheating.

Get efficacious solution of overheating problem that is being faced on your HP laptop via dialing HP Laptop Support Number. The numbers of qualified engineers are working all day all night to deliver you exact possible solution of your related query.

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