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HP Printer Sisetup.exe Blocked by the Administrator – How To Fix It?

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HP Printer Sisetup.exe Blocked by the Administrator – How To Fix It?

HP Printers are prominent among users for its ultimate printing solution and availability at an affordable cost in the market. To get accessibility of your HP Printer, it is essential to download and install HP Printer software & driver. But, it is not as easy a job as you think because running the setup tool could be a roller coaster. When you attempt installing the HP Printer setup file or run it, Windows displays HP Printer Sisetup.exe Blocked error message. After receiving such a message, the printer setup tool will not run on your computer system. However, this ‘sisetup.exe’ file extension has been anonymously blocked by an administrator just because of insufficient permissions. In today’s post, you will learn how to resolve this problem quickly and effortlessly. Hence, continue reading with seriousness from top-to-toe.


Reason Why HP Printer Sisetup.exe Blocked by the Administrator?

To run an installer or any software without any obstruction, explicit permission is extremely required. Though, taking permission from Windows during running the tool will safeguard your PC from viruses or threats. So, whenever there is a lack of permission, it will definitely be HP Printer Sisetup.exe Blocked by the Administrator. Microsoft has introduced a safeguard and after a point, this will lead to permission issues and thus blocking genuine installers. Well, the printer setup installer file is been blocked by the Windows Administrator for your PC protection.

Fix HP Printer Sisetup.exe Blocked by the Administrator Issue

Most of the time, the HP Printer Sisetup.exe gets blocked while installing or running the Printer Setup Manager Tool. As discussed above, this particular error problem usually occurs due to insufficient permission issues. Though, providing fruitful fixes will surely get rid of this problem in no time. So, we have compiled the list of productive troubleshooting methods, you can give it a try out for once. You can smoothly unblock the setup file and lets it run again to function hassle-freely. Let’s begin:

Method 1: Unblock Your HP Printer Installer

It is very obvious that when your HP Printer Sisetup.exe Blocked by the Administrator, need to unblock it as soon as possible. Unblocking the printer installer will resolve this error and let it run on Windows Desktop. So, here is how to unblock the Printer Sisetup.exe:

  1. First and foremost, launch the “File Explorer” Window.
  2. Next, navigate to the “File” tab that is already been blocked by SmartScreen.
  3. Thereafter, put a right-click on that installer file and then select the “Properties” tab from the sub-menu.
  4. Afterward, go to the “General” tab and check the “Security” section at the bottom of the window.
  5. Now, put a tick on the checkbox located before the option “Unblock”.
  6. Further, click the “Apply” and “OK” tab to save the changes.
  7. Now, once done, re-run the installer file to check if the HP Printer Sisetup.exe Blockedissue has been resolved.

If the printer installer gets unblocked, SmartScreen will automatically start installing. If it doesn’t, try running the installer as administrator.

Run the Installer as an Administrator

Here are the step-wise instructions to run successfully the installer file as a Windows Administrator. Let’s start following the below-noted steps:

  1. First of all, open the File Explorer and then browse the folder where the printer setup installer is saved.
  2. Now, give a right-click on that installer file and choose the “Run as Administrator” option.
  3. Click “Yes,” when prompted by User Account Control.
  4. Afterward, simply go through the on-screen displayed to complete the installation.
  5. Now, in the end, check whether it has worked out or not.

If still HP Printer Sisetup.exe Blocked by the Administrator, move to the next solving method.

Method 2: Create a New User Profile

Creating a new user profile can help you effectively to get overcome the HP Printer Sisetup.exe Blocked problem. To do so, follow the steps explained underneath:

  1. First, launch the Settings window by pressing the Windows logo key + I on your keyboard.
  2. Now, go to the “Accounts” tab, and then from the left pane, select the “Family & other users” tab.
  3. Afterward, scroll down to the “Other Users” section and click on the “Add someone else to this PC” option.
  4. On the next pane, give a click on the “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information” link.
  5. And then give a single tap onto the “Add a user without a Microsoft account” link.
  6. Now, in the next step, enter a User Name and then press the “Next” button. You can also enter the password but it is not necessary as it is optional. However, if you want to enter a password, make sure you fill in the security questions as well.
  7. Now, click on the newly created account and then select “Change account type”.
  8. Click the drop-down menu and choose the “Administrator” option.
  9. In the end, click the “OK” button to save the final changes.

Once a user account has been successfully created, restart your computer system. Thereafter, log in to your currently created user profile and run the HP Printer installer. If it goes through properly, test the printer and then log in with your personal profile. Make sure that the Printer Sisetup.exe Blocked by the Administrator problem has been eradicated. If the same problem exists, move to the next solving guide.

Method 3: Install the Printer on the Administrator Account

If none of the aforementioned fixing tricks has helped you to solve Printer Sisetup.exe Blocked, don’t panic! Here, we recommend you install the printer on the administrator account. Doing the same, probably assist you to get out of this problematic hurdle. Let’s do it by following the below-noted steps:

  1. First, open the Command Prompt window by typing “CMD” in the Windows search field and hitting the Enter key.
  2. Now, put a right-click on the Command Prompt and then select the “Run as Administrator” tab.
  3. Now, in the Command Prompt window, type the following command.

           net user administrator /active:yes

  1. And then, press the “Enter” key.
  2. Performing this specific guideline will enable the hidden administrator account on your system.
  3. Now, you have to close the command prompt window.
  4. Afterward, restart your computer.
  5. Then, you will truly see an account named “Administrator”.
  6. Choose the administrator account and log in.
  7. If you are already logged into your personal account, press the “Windows key + L” keys simultaneously.
  8. And then sign in using the newly created administrator account credentials.
  9. Now, under the administrator account, run the HP printer installer file.
  10. Now check if the HP printer Sisetup.exe blocked by the administrator problem is been resolved or yet not.
  11. Disconnect the printer USB cable from your system. Re-connect it only after the installer prompts you to connect the USB cable to your PC.
  12. Now, once the printer gets installed, test the printer.
  13. If the printer is working well, disable the administrator account.

Enable Administrator Account via Computer Management

Below-noted is the suitable steps to enable your administrator account:

  1. On the Windows search bar, type “Computer management”.
  2. Tap the “Computer Management” tab to open it.
  3. Now, in the computer management window, expand the “Local User and Groups” option by clicking on it.
  4. Then, click on the “Users” folder and then double-tap on the “Administrator” from the right pane.
  5. On the next window, uncheck the checkbox behind the “Account is disabled” option.
  6. In the end, click “Apply” and “OK” to save the changes.

Disable Administrator Account Via Command Prompt

Here’s the accurate course of action to disable your administrator account:

  1. First, open the “Command Prompt” Window as administrator.
  2. Now, in the Command Prompt window, type or copy + paste the command:
  3. “net user administrator /active:no”
  4. And then, press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.
  5. Once the process is done, restart your PC and log in to your personal account.
  6. Your Administrator account is now been successfully disabled.

You can now check if the HP Printer Sisetup.exe Blocked by the Administrator error has been solved or yet persists.

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