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Easily Find Your HP Printer Default Password and Username

Published by Paul Anderson ,

Easily Find Your HP Printer Default Password and Username

HP printers are heavily used in personal and professional settings. But to effectively use HP printing devices, you need to set them up correctly. At the time of connection, you will get a prompt for the HP printer default password along with the username. First-time users often find themselves confused over the password and username combination that they are asked about. Only when you input them correctly can you sign into the HP Smart application. You can also use these credentials for the connection process by changing them. In this article, you’ll find all about these default credentials to connect your printer and start using it. 


What Is HP Printer Default Password?

The default credentials of the HP printing machine are essential to use and manage its security and privacy. There are various password and username combinations that HP offers. Some of the combinations that you will find are as follows:

  • Blank, blank 
  • Admin, blank
  • Admin, 4455
  • Admin, admin
  • Admin, 1111
  • Admin, HP00000

As a user, you’ll need to find the default HP printer password and username that works for your device. You can do this by entering these combinations one by one. But in the rare case of no combination working, you’ll need to connect directly with an HP agent.


Steps to Find Default HP Printer Password

To uncover the default password of your HP printing device, you must try out some common username and password combinations. Use the ones given above first and see if they give you the needed result. In case they turn out to be correct, you will save much of your time and energy.

Apart from this, you can also use ‘admin’ as your username and password. However, don’t worry if the above set of credentials doesn’t work out for you. Use the following steps to easily know your HP default admin password.

Examine the Manual of Your Printer

One of the easiest ways to discover the default credentials of an HP printer is by checking the manual. However, although it’s easy, it also takes some time. But the best part is that the password you find in the manual will never be wrong. It will work ideally for your machine.

In the index of the printer manual, locate the ‘Settings’ section. When you arrive at that page, search for the password. If you’re one of those persons who usually refer to the index of any book, look for the password heading. After finding it out, apply the credentials, so you are able to print efficiently.

Create a Copy of the Settings Page

You can also create a copy of your printer’s settings page to know these default credentials. Here are the steps to make its copy.

  • Hit the Wi-Fi and I or information button. Press it for around 5 to 10 seconds.
  • After this period, you will find a copy of the settings.
  • Now you can look at the display screen of the printer to see if it can print the settings.
  • That’s it. Here you will find the username and password you are searching for.

Examine the Printer’s Sticker.

HP printers also have a sticker present at some place on them. Often, this place is on the back of your printer. This sticker has the necessary details regarding the printer. It is possible that you may find the HP printer default password administrator


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How to Configure a New Default Admin Password?

Once you have got the correct password and username, you can modify them to set up a new admin password. Here is a series of points you can use for this process. 

  • Tap the ‘Home‘ button present on your HP printer. This button is situated close to the printer’s screen. 
  • Now, employ the arrow buttons present on the home screen. 
  • Tap the option of ‘Setup.’
  • After that, from the ‘Setup‘ menu, choose the ‘Network‘ option.
  • You’ll view an option that says, ‘Restore network defaults.’ Tap this option.
  • Go to your computer and hover your mouse over the ‘Start‘ button.
  • Now, expand the options. 
  • Locate the ‘Devices and printers’ option.
  • Then right-tap it so that its window opens. 
  • Continue ahead by double-tapping the HP printer icon.
  • This will launch its settings. 
  • Here, select the ‘Properties’ option.
  • Tap ‘Password‘ to open its window.
  • Head to the ‘Change‘ option.
  • Now, input the existing default password of your printer along with its username. 
  • You can now configure a new password. Ensure to make this code a unique one. 
  • When you are ready, tap the ‘Save new HP wireless printer default password‘ button.
  • That’s it. Now the password you have created will be set up.


Steps to Reset HP Printer Default Password

Resetting the HP printer password is not a difficult task. Just apply these instructions.

  • Ensure that your system and HP printer are linked to a network.
  • After that, connect your printer to your system.
  • Next, launch a browser.
  • Type ‘https://192.168.229’ in the address bar.
  • You will see the EWS page of the printer opening.
  • Tap on the icon of HP Wireless Direct. It is present on the topmost part.
  • After clicking it, you will see the ‘Settings’ option coming up.
  • Click it to edit the settings.
  • Next, head to the Privacy Centre. Here. You’ll locate the option to reset the credential of your printer.
  • After that, input the default password and username. 
  • Type ‘admin’ as the username and 01234 as the password.
  • Now, hit the ‘Next’ button.
  • You will find several options.
  • Select to edit password.
  • Enter the new one in its box.
  • After typing it, click the ‘Next’ button.
  • Click ‘OK‘ to confirm the new password.
  • Lastly, save the new settings.


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Wrapping up

Finding the HP printer default password and username isn’t a mystery now that you’re at the end of this post. Use the manual or the settings page to locate it. Furthermore, you can also reset the default admin password easily. If you find yourself confused at any point, seek the help of a printer technical support service.

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