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What to Do When HP PCs Locks Up or Freezes?

Published by Paul Anderson ,

HP PCs Locks Up or Freezes
What to Do When HP PCs Locks Up or Freezes?

When an HP PCs Locks Up or Freezes all the activities ceased on the computer’s monitor and also all the running programs lock. It is an awful moment especially when it happens all the day and night continuously whenever open the computer and start performing official or another work. Unfortunately, if your HP computer is having a constant freezing problem, there are several things you can do to fix it. To grab all such solving methods, lend a hand with dexterous techies. They will proffer you reliable HP Laptop Technical Support at your comfort place. For sure, only a connection with them will reach you at right place.

HP PCs Locks Up or Freezes

Symptoms of the Problem HP PCs Locks Up or Freezes

  1. Windows stops responding or the mouse pointer won’t move here and there and also you will be unable to enter anything with your keyboard
  2. Nothing moves on the computer display. Everything looks like in a statue position
  3. Mouse cursor is in constant busy mode

Methods to Do When HP PCs Locks Up or Freezes

Below are the desired ways you have to follow for fixing the freezing issue on your HP computer. Have a glimpse at the noted points:

Method 1: Restart Your Computer

When a computer freezes or the display seems lock, you must restart your PC in right order to diagnose the problem. Because, the freezing problem renders all programs and utilities inoperable and then the only way to cope-up this problem is restarting your operating device.

Method 2: Install an Anti-Virus Software Program in PC

The most common problem that causes computers to freeze up periodically is due to presence of viruses or multiple threats. In that case, users have to download a free anti-virus application like Avast or AVG to scan the viruses or affected data as well as files and get rid of the threats.

Method 3: Run A Disk Cleanup

Performing disk cleanup will effectively annihilate your entire temporary and cache files. It can also free up virtual memory, which if blocked, can be a source of frequent freezing issues. Therefore, search for the disk cleanup application in the “System Tools” section of your computer. Run it by selecting your hard drive and then wait for a moment to analyze files that will be deleted. Then press the “cleanup” button. This process can take almost half an hour to several hours as it fully depends on how much there is to cleanup on your hard drive.

Method 4: Re-Format Your Hard Drive

This step can be chosen only in the extreme conditions if none of the other process is working out to fix this issue. The process re-formatting your hard drive will effectively erase all your files, including documents, multimedia and programs.

Do not take tension! If you are still finding your PC not working or gets freeze. We have numbers of highly qualified techies who work harder only for you. To connect with them, you have to just give a ring at HP Support Phone Number and stay tuned in hassle-freely way.

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