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Fix HP Laptop System Fan (90b, 90f) Error Message on Start-up

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HP Laptop System Fan (90b, 90f) Error
Fix HP Laptop System Fan (90b, 90f) Error Message on Start-up

While starting your HP laptop, you might face the problem of system’s fan that may whirl faster and become louder and you get HP laptop system fan (90b, 90f) error message on the display. Therefore, you are required complete HP Laptop Support for dependable solutions. The problem has detected that a cooling fan is not operating correctly. Continuous operation is not recommended as it may cause unpredictable action that could result in an accidental shutdown, loss of data or may be system damage. Your laptop will shut down in 15 seconds.

HP Laptop System Fan (90b, 90f) Error

Why you get HP laptop system fan (90b, 90f) error message?

The error message indicates that the system fan is not whirling at the expected speed or maybe there is a problem related to the heat removal system. This message occurs to give an indication to prevent the damage to the computer.

Steps to Fix HP Laptop System Fan (90b, 90f) Error

Here are the steps to fix HP laptop system fan (90b, 90f) error message on start-up. Go through these steps alertly.

  • Dab “Enter” to remove the message and to allow the laptop to boot to the Windows Desktop.
  • Close your laptop and then clean the exterior surface of your laptop to remove the dirt from the vent openings. Dirt may accumulate there which results in the heating problem of the laptop.
  • When you remove all the dirt from your laptop, and then turn it ON. If the problem persists, then perform the below steps.
  • Carry out a hard rest. This will reset recorded thermal values in memory and enable you to use your laptop again, even only for a short time to access and save any important files.
  • In most cases, updating the BIOS might help you prevent this error from occurring.
  • Does your laptop serviced to clean internal components.Restore the system fan if necessary. Confirm to address the following stuff while servicing your laptop.
  1. Thoroughly remove dust from all internal cooling components of your laptop.
  2. Make sure that wires from the laptop fans are connected securely to the motherboard.
  3. Assure that the laptop fan blades spin correctly, and the fan is not producing loud noises. If not working properly, replace the system fan.
  4. Replace old thermal compound from the integrated circuits and heat sinks and remove with new thermal compound.

Get further assistance to fix HP laptop system fan (90b, 90f) error

In case you are still facing some problem, then you will have to take assistance via HP Laptop Customer Care Number. The team of qualified engineers will let you know the whole detailed information about annihilating the HP laptop system fan (90b, 90f) error. Once you go through them, your hurdle will definitely be sorted out from the root.

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