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Fix HP Laptop Shut Down Randomly Issue with Easy Steps

Published by Paul Anderson ,

Fix HP Laptop Shut Down Randomly Issue
Fix HP Laptop Shut Down Randomly Issue with Easy Steps

Once in a while, you may face that your HP laptop shut down randomly without giving any prior notification. And definitely, this must be very frustrating. This problem is due to several reasons. You should go in depth to know the exact reason behind this. So, for doing so, you don’t have to go anywhere here are the effortless steps to Fix HP Laptop Shut Down Randomly. These steps are user friendly process that you can perform very easily on your own.

Fix HP Laptop Shut Down Randomly Issue

Reasons when HP laptop shut down randomly and solution

The following information can significantly help you in going through the issues and the exact reason why your laptop shuts down suddenly and steps to fix them.

Overheating may Turn Off Laptop Randomly

Studies demonstrate that in the issue of randomly shut down of the computer, 9 out of 10 cases notices that it is a problem with the overheating.

Overheating is usually caused by the extreme use of laptop. It can also be instigated by accessing your laptop in a place where it is having a high temperature, or by keeping your laptop over the heat absorbing items. Another foremost cause of this problem is of cooling hardware or the dust problem. Some of the laptop after a long use encounter with this major problem. In this issue, the laptop becomes tremendously hot and the fan throws extremely hot air.

Solution: You can resolve this problem by a cooling paste that should be applied on the processor. Do not apply it by yourself. Fix this problem by laptop repair shops. Or else, you can also check your fan if it is working well, or you can buy a cooling pad.

Battery Problem may Cause HP Laptop Shut Down

Battery problem is another key reason for the random shutdown of the HP laptop. This problem usually happens after long usage of laptops, or the excessive charging. If your laptop shuts down arbitrarily, check your battery if it is working well or not. If it is not, you certainly have to buy a new battery. Ensure that the battery has the same amperes that your laptop requires. Or else, your laptop might face problems while working.

Hardware Failure will Turn Off Laptop 

This is not an ordinary problem, but when it encounters, you cannot fix this problem by yourself. If you are confirm that all the parts of your laptop are doing well, but your laptop just turned off, you should go to the service center to make your laptop checked by the experts. Ensure that the service center has sufficient expertise to examine and repair your laptop, as some of the people do not have enough laptop hardware repairing proficiency.

Computer Virus may Force to Shut Down HP Laptop

This is the most ordinary problem that encounters in almost every computer. A Virus is like an apocalypse for the computer. It almost abolishes everything on your laptop. Do not panic, you can easily resolve this issue by installing antivirus software. If you still encountering with the virus problem in your computer, you need to go to the service center to make your laptop checked.

Ram Issue will Shut Down Your HP PC

Some of the laptops either stop working or just turn off arbitrarily because of the ram crashing problem. This issue normally occurs when your ram stops working or by the movement of your ram. To fix this problem, release your ram, cool and clean it out and attach it again. Check whether the problem is solved or not. If it not, go to the service center and let your laptop examine by them.

Faulty power supply

There is another main reason for the laptops to turn off randomly and that is the faulty power supply. It is the most perilous problem as it can lead to severe problems to your laptop like it can go dead due to the faulty power supply. As the value of current decreases and increases, it greatly damages the battery and the laptop itself. If you are facing the same problem, it is suggested for you to change your power supply as soon as possible. If you are not confirm that if it is the problem of the power supply, you can also examine it whether it is working well or not.

No Laptop Service Since Long Time

No doubts, the service of laptops is very significant as it critically affects the processing of laptops. With no service of the laptop, you may go through great problems. The most common issues are overheating, accidental shut down and slow processing. Hence, it is compulsory to service your laptop frequently from dust for a smooth and fast processing. There is no other way to fix this issue.

What to do if nothing works?

Another most important question that frequently comes in everyone mind is what should be done if all the above reasons won’t work? Well, there is a simple elucidation to your problem. That is, you can just reinstall your windows. Next question that arises is how it will benefit? It will eradicate all the viruses from your computer and allows the processing of your computer faster and smoother.

What if the HP Laptop still shutting down randomly?

In some of the cases, you have seen that some laptops don’t work even after checking every part of the laptop. If you are also dealing with the same problem with your laptop, it is advised to take your laptop to the service center to get it repaired. There is no other solution to this problem. And, this is the only thing that you can do if your laptop arbitrarily turns off without any warning.

What to do next to fix HP Laptop Shut Down Randomly Issue?

If still, the issue is there, then the final step that you can take it to HP Laptop Technical Support where experts will get in touch with you and resolve your issue by the snapping fingers.

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