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What are the Steps to Fix HP Color Laser Printer Alignment Issue?

Published by Paul Anderson ,

Laser Printer Alignment Issue
What are the Steps to Fix HP Color Laser Printer Alignment Issue?

If there is an alignment problem with your HP Color Laser Printer, then the printer will not print any document accurately. Your printer can become misaligned when there is any paper stuck in the machine. To make this difficulty away from your operating printer, you have to take HP Support from our deft connoisseurs. They are proficient enough to deal with any type of technically or non-technically HP printer related glitches.

Although laser printers can be great for printing multiple color documents at high-speed. But there is a possibility to become misaligned. When your HP laser printer’s color plane registration (CPR) unit is misaligned, text and images are twisted at an angle or perform wrong at the end of the page. There is an in-built feature available on HP color laser printer that lets you automatically correct the alignment by just clicking on that software program. To know the process of doing such thing, you have to keep on reading this blog till the end.

Laser Printer Alignment Issue

Laser Printer Alignment Issue

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Steps to Fix HP Color Laser Printer Alignment Issue

No Worry, if you are getting failed in fixing this alignment issue on your own. We have mentioned here all those procedure in an ease form so that you can do it by yourself as well. So, without wasting a single time, keep your eyes feast on the below points:

  • First, double-click on the icon of HP printer in your system tray that you will find at the lower right end of your desktop
  • Now, move to the “Toolbox” tab
  • Click on the “Status” link that you will see on the left side of your window
  • Scroll your cursor and go to “Status” menu and then click on the “Print Info Pages” link
  • After that click the blue “Print” button located to the right of the “Configuration Page” heading
  • Check the print page to see whether there is overlapping in “L” shaped bar
  • Get back to the “Toolbox” option in case the color bars are overlapping
  • And then click on the model number of your HP color laser printer at the upper left end of the window
  • Click on the “Device Settings” link
  • Opt the “Print Quality” option and then hit on “Calibrate” button
  • Click “OK” in the new window that appears and wait for the alignment calibration process to complete
  • After that try to print a document again and see if the alignment is still off
  • If you still find misalignment in your HP laser printer, repeat the calibrating until and unless it is required to be calibrated. It might take more than once to fix the alignment

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