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Fix Error Loading Operating System with Windows on HP PC

Published by Paul Anderson ,

Error Loading Operating System with Windows
Fix Error Loading Operating System with Windows on HP PC

When you try to reboot your Windows PC, a black screen will appear stating the error message: “Error loading operating system”. This issue normally befalls after the new installation of the Windows operating system, unexpected power failure, system crash, or system restart. These errors allow your PC to throw the error message. So to avoid this error, perform the methods to Fix Error Loading Operating System with Windows on HP PC. Carry out the given suggested steps and resolve this issue on your own.

Error Loading Operating System with Windows

Description and Symptoms

The error messages, warnings, alerts, and symptoms below are tried to this error.

This error displays when your computer’s BIOS doesn’t execute the capacity of the hard disk where you are fixing Windows XP or it’s not appropriately installed.

Problems with your hard disk drive’s partition can also be the main cause.

Alternative error message: There are no other well-known alternative messages for this error, apart from the “Error loading operating system” text that seems on your computer’s black screen at the start-up.

Causes of Error Loading Operating System

This error has been encountered as a result of one of the following causes.

  1. The hard drive capacity is so big

The main cause of this error is a hard drive that is large enough to be maintained by an outdated BIOS.

  1. The hard drive panel is damaged

The hard drive’s partition may be smashed because of the disk write errors, power failure or virus attacks. If that is the case, the operating system cannot use the system files to start accurately and the loading process is paused.

Steps to overcome Error Loading Operating System

Perform the below mentioned steps to get rid of Error Loading Operating System with Windows on HP PC.

  1. Scan and fix via Windows CHKDSK tool

It is vital to try to recognize the reason for your problem and then act according to it to fix it. To resolve the issue with your hard drive, first, accomplish Windows CHKDSK.

It is a Windows in-built tool to gauge the overall health of your hard disk. Windows CHKDSK looks and fixes bad areas and errors if any.

Steps to execute Windows CHKDSK

  • Right-click on the drive to be tested for the errors
  • Choose the ‘Properties’ option
  • Hit on ‘Tools’
  • Tap on the ‘Check’ option, under the Error-checking.
  • A dialogue box with Check disk options will be displayed. Check-in and scan for the corrupt sectors. Hit on ‘Start.’ The scan will repair and disclose if there is any physical damage to the hard disk.
  1. Upgrade your system BIOS to the newest version

Take extra effort while upgrading the BIOS version because, at the time of the process due to the unexpected power loss, the BIOS firmware may get corrupt. Therefore, you might not be capable to access your data. So, always perform to back up all your imperative files before executing the BIOS update, so you can use and work on them in future.

Perform the below steps to upgrade your computer BIOS

  • Search the make and model of your motherboard. Examine this in the user manual of your mainboard.
  • Recognize the current BIOS version – To do this, open the System Information app, and in the search box write ‘System Information’ and choose ‘System Summary’. The BIOS version will be shown.
  • Download the newest BIOS update – Go to the motherboard or laptop manufacturer’s website. Find the model of your device and from the list of accessible downloads, choose the BIOS update.
  • Once downloaded, execute the BIOS update.
  • Start the Computer again after the BIOS update.
  1. Reinstate the MBR information of hard disk

Every Windows operating system has a changed way to reinstate MBR information.

Requirement: Windows Setup CD/DVD.

  • Resume your computer and boot from the Windows Setup CD.
  • When the message “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD” displays, press any key.
  • Click on “Repair your computer”.
  • Choose “Troubleshoot”.
  • Select Command Prompt.
  • When the Command Prompt is visible, write the given four commands and hit Enter after each and wait till each operation ends.
  1. write bootrec /FixMbr
  2. Then bootrec /FixBoot
  3. bootrec /ScanOs
  4. d) bootrec /RebuildBcd
  5. Take out the CD/DVD.
  6. Write Exit and then hit Enter.
  7. Start your computer again.
  8. Reinstall your Windows operating system

When the program files and folders of the Windows OS are smashed or corrupted, the computer displays ‘error loading operating system’. So if the aforementioned steps do not resolve the issue and the hard drive is also working appropriately, then the final option is to reinstall the Windows operating system. Reinstalling the Windows gives you back a hastily working computer.

Final Note

If any of the steps won’t work for you, then you can contact HP Support Phone Number to get assistance from the experts. You can call anytime as they are available round the clock.

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