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How to Use Duplex Printing on HP Printer?

Published by Paul Anderson ,

Use Duplex Printing on HP Printer
How to Use Duplex Printing on HP Printer?

What is Duplex Printing?

It is the general practice of the all person to get the one side printout. The value of the front page printout is on priority base, but sometime dual printing also interpreted. The technical jargon for two sided printouts is termed as the duplex printing. The activation of dual sided printing allows you to get both front and rear side printout. If you do not know the art of getting the double sided printout, then you can ask the HP Printer Support team to get the double sided printout.

Use Duplex Printing on HP Printer

Use Duplex Printing on HP Printer

Activate Duplex Printing on HP Printer

It is not the major concern that you are using which operating system.  It becomes essential to make the good communication between the computer and embedded operating system in your computer.  Most of the people prefer to take the install windows operating system in order to get in touch with superlative performance.  The imperative print out has been access to various customers in case there should not lie any hindrance in the different features and functions.  The two sided printout can be accessed if and only if windows operating system is using HP driver.  The front and rear loading tray allows you to get full printing.

Major Steps for Getting Duplex Printing with HP Printer

  1. If you are a newbie in the context of HP Printer operation and know to execute the general print command, then this write up helps you to gain the excellent result. Take the through look of those steps so that taking the double sided printout cannot be emerging challenge.
  2. First of all, you input tray should be populated with massive blank paper. By doing so, the printing job of HP printer could not be stop in mid way.
  3. One the relevant page document and click on file. Therefore, you can proceed in the submenu navigation refereed as print. The alternative procedure to get printout is to use printout command ctrl+P.
  4. Now, you ought to select the printer name through going in the printing properties. Also, you would give attention on preference and printer setup.
  5. Document property and printing preference window will open.
  6. Now, you can move on the printing shortcut tab. You can select the print on both side and two sided printing option.
  7. If the printing shortcut tab or duplex printout shortcut is not present, then you can click on layout, features and finishing tab as well.
  8. You can locate the option print on both sides.   You must take binding and page flip option.
  9. Click ok and then print.
  10. Remove the printed page or document from the first side page tray and tap the flat surface to align.
  11. Load the printed side page into main tray.
  12. For getting the full the benefits of rear page, you can flip the page so that printed page is facing backward side.
  13. Click continues.


Even though following the above mentioned steps, you are not able to get rear side printout.  At that time, you must take the valuable support from HP Support Assistant available in it.  You take the help of our third party professional team so that any failure cannot reap in next time utilization.  Visit on our web blog to get latest information.

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