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Solve Printer Busy Message on HP Printer

Published by Paul Anderson ,

Solve Printer Busy Message on HP Printer
Solve Printer Busy Message on HP Printer

Printers are a very effective device that helps you to get your daily tasks done and therefore, even a small error in it can irritate you to no end. If you have any version of printer that is directly linked or connected through a network, either at your home or at your workplace, you may have encountered issues in it starting from anything between a paper jam to changing cartridges and from printer display errors to defective printer cable connections. So yes, there are several issues that distress you on an accidental basis. One of the basic issues is Printer Busy Message on HP Printer. To deal with this issue, perform the suggested steps. And if you need any assistance, then call on HP Helpline Number. Experts will deal with your problem and makes you free from strife.

Solve Printer Busy Message on HP Printer

Solve Printer Busy Message on HP Printer

Causes of the printer error stating “Printer Busy Message”

Your orderly printer can start showing issues like it won’t print and will continuously display the error message showing “Printer Busy or Error”. There can be numerous reasons causing this error that includes the following.

  • Failure in printer hardware
  • If the printer run out of paper
  • Buffer on your printer network card is full
  • If the printer is connected to the network and there is another LPR connection to your printer from the other PC
  • If the print codes are confusing the printer

Steps to overcome Printer Busy Message

If you are facing the same error, then you surely need assistance to sort out this blunder. Here are some of the steps that you can perform easily to fix this distracting error.

  • Clear the print queue

When you click on the ‘Print’ command, the task is buffered before starting the printing process. If there is more than one print job given to a printer, then the task will be set in a queue and then it will be completed one by one, in the serial order. Items that are in the queue and are left to print are shown in the print queue. If the queue is too large or if a document in the queue is corrupted, then the “Printer busy or error” may be visible. The preeminent way to fix this issue is to clear the print queue by going to the ‘Printer settings’ in the Control Panel.

  • Check the Power and Printer cables

Basically, there are two cables that connect the printer to your PC – one is the power cable and the other is printer cable. Before clicking on the print task, it is compulsory to check whether both the cables are properly connected or not. And after that, ensure that the printer is turned ‘On’. In dealing with the networked printer, ensure that the printer cable is properly connected to the PC or the router that can save you from many troubles.

  • Reinstall Printer Drivers

A printer driver is software that converts the data to the preferred form to get the print job done. All the printer model needs a printer driver to work efficiently. You have to set-up during the printer installation process. As a fix to solve the “Printer busy or error”, install the printer driver again and then restart the print job. You can get Printer drivers from the printer manufacturer’s website. Keep in mind to use a consistent source to download the software. You may end up damaging your PC and the network much more than you may have imagined.

What to do if your issue persists?

Still, if you are getting printer busy message, then you can call on HP Tech Support Number. Where you can take advice from the experts and resolve your issue. Experts are the HP technicians who are available for you 24 hours.

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