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How to Eliminate HP Printer 79 Service Error?

Published by Paul Anderson ,

How to Eliminate HP Printer 79 Service Error?

Well, HP Printer 79 Service Error generally happens at the time of printing the document and basically it’s been arisen due corrupt print jobs and when there is a miscommunication between the printer and spooler. Though, when you find the real cause of HP Printer Error 79, you will get the right solution at HP Support Number to annihilate it.


Reasons of HP Printer 79 Service Error

Here is the list of some possible factors due to which you come across with HP Printer Error 79. Let’s have a look:

If the connecting wire is loose or damaged, then you can get such an error code during printing

  1. Due to hardware damaged, Service Error 79  Hardware means the printer’s motherboard, network or EIO card, DIMMs of printer, DIMMs firmware of printer, and Formatter board, any of them is damaged, then also you encounter this error
  2. Most likely, the error has occurred because of corrupt or outdated HP drivers
  3. In case, every few minutes you switch-off your printer, then this may corrupt the printer’s software and throws an HP Printer Error 79 onto the printer’s screen
  4. When you print too large document, then there is a chance of occurrence of the error code during the print job
  5. Due to poor network connection, you face such error issue

Efficacious Solutions to Fix HP Printer Service Error 79

Now, it’s time to cope-up HP Printer Error 79 or Service Error 79 that have been found on your printer’s screen. So, let’s start solving this problem:

  1. First, you are recommended to scan your PC which is connected to an HP printer and make sure there is, no any virus or malware threats as it can prevent your printer to function. If any threats are found, remove them immediately and then try to print
  2. Next step you should try is, remove the damaged cables and take the new one and if the connecting wire is loose making it tighten so the wire properly connects both the devices
  3. In the next step, you have to restart your printer and try connecting it to Internet. If your HP printer refuses to connect wirelessly, reset the network, and then try again
  4. The next process you are advisable to take is, disable any third-party security software program for a while and check- if the printer properly connect to Internet or not. In case it does, find an alternative to your security software
  5. In this step, what you should actually do is, press the Power button on your printer to switch it off, disconnect it from computer or network, and discard any other connection
  6. Perform a cold HP printer reset. If this clears the error 79, then chances are high that it has had a driver problem
  7. In the upcoming step, you have to remove DIMMs of printer and power cycle the machine. Also, change the DIMMs firmware if required
  8. If the HP Printer Code 79 still shows-up on the screen, then replace the Formatter board
  9. In case, the error 79 still displays on HP printers, then check the motherboard by using parallel interface via parallel cable during print action

Call at HP Support Number for Advanced Knowledge

Have you gone throughout the aforementioned steps from top-to-toe accordingly to resolve HP Printer Error 79? Unfortunately, are you getting yet the same error code during printing? Do you pull your hairs to know the best solution for this problem? If really, then given an instant ring at HP Support Number. So, helpless candidates can dial this number anytime whenever require assistance. Our technical engineers are always ready to proffer one-stop solution at doorstep in handy way.

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