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Resolutions for the HP Laptop Plugged in Not Charging Problem

Published by Paul Anderson ,

Resolutions for the HP Laptop Plugged in Not Charging Problem
Resolutions for the HP Laptop Plugged in Not Charging Problem

You use your HP laptop for a lot of tasks. From morning to evening, you might use this device for various work-related commitments. A well-charged laptop ensures you can do your work for an extended period. But if you notice your HP laptop plugged in not charging, it can feel quite frustrating. It is possible that your laptop’s battery is unable to hold power or there’s a glitch in the software of your system. So, it’s essential to troubleshoot HP Printer  issues with the battery driver and software. You may also require to fix some power cord problems. In this article, we’ll first review some points to check when your laptop is plugged in but not charging and then focus on different resolutions.


Why Is My HP Laptop Plugged in But Not Charging?

There are various possible reasons for your laptop not getting charged. Here are some probable causes that may lead to this issue.

  • Problems with your battery driver.
  • Deteriorating battery health. It may be possible that you have been using this specific battery for a prolonged period.
  • The capacity of your battery has become low over time.
  • Lose cable connections.
  • You are not using the correct charger and port.
  • There is damage to your cable and ports.


Things to Check When HP Laptop plugged in Not Charging

Before going ahead with the usual troubleshooting steps, it’s best to check certain things related to your laptop and charger. Examine the following before moving to the actual fixes.

  • Inspect the Cable Connections – Check whether you have put the charging cable properly into the charging port of your HP laptop. Now, check its connection to the electrical wall outlet. You should also examine the connection where the cable plugs into the AC adapter brick.
  • Check Whether the Problem Lies in the Power Source – A lot of components operate simultaneously to power your HP laptop. You must examine if the problem is with your power source so that you don’t try to fix something else. To find this out, plug your computer and check if the LED light displays your laptop receiving power. If you find the LED light showing, it implies that the issue isn’t with the power source.
  • Review the Health of Your Battery – You’ll wonder why does my HP laptop not charging when plugged in, in case of compromised battery health. Some signs of a compromised battery include it getting extremely hot when charging, losing charge frequently, and consuming a lot of time to charge.
  • Examine the AC Adapter Brick – Another reason for your HP laptop not charging even when it is plugged in is a damaged AC adapter brick. You must replace it if you notice it being discolored or warped.


Resolutions for HP Laptop Plugged in Not Charging Problem

By now, you are quite familiar with the nature of this problem. Here are some effective measures to try to fix this problem and get your laptop running again.


Clear the Memory of Your Laptop

The easiest way to clear the memory of your laptop is to power reset it. to do it, adhere to these instructions.

  • Switch off the HP device.
  • Now, take out the battery from the laptop.
  • After that, disconnect the power cable.
  • Next, hold and press your laptop’s power button for a period of 20 seconds. After this period, you can release it.
  • Now, put the battery that you removed earlier on your laptop and connect the power cable.
  • Lastly, switch on the device and see the status of its battery.


Fix the Issue with Your Battery Driver

Often people report about their HP laptop not charging when plugged in when there are problems with the battery driver. Windows 10 users can go by these steps to fix this problem.

  • Go to the ‘Start‘ section and locate the ‘Device Manager’ option.
  • From here, choose ‘Batteries.’
  • Now, find the driver for your device’s battery.
  • After you locate the driver, right-tap it and select ‘Update driver.’
  • If the driver requires to be updated, it will get so automatically.
  • After it updates, restart your device.


Fix the Faulty BIOS Settings

BIOS or Basic Input/Output handles the connection between your OS and laptop devices. If it’s faulty, your laptop will not be charged. So, you’ll naturally wonder the reasons for your HP laptop plug in not charging. A simple update will help you fix the charging problem.

  • Head to the official HP website and navigate to the support page for your specific laptop model.
  • Download the recent BIOS update and follow the instructions to install it on your laptop. However, be very careful while updating BIOS. Do not make any errors, or else you will permanently lose your crucial data.


Minimize the Resource Usage of Your Computer

Sometimes, you might not realize how hard you are making your laptop work. When you are using too many programs and processes simultaneously, it takes a lot of resources. Thus, you notice your laptop plugged in not charging HP. It would be wise to consider the way you are using your computer and look for ways to reduce resource usage.

Launch the Task Manager from the ‘Start‘ menu and examine the resource consumption at present. You can also tap the ‘More Details’ button and look at the resources being consumed on the ‘Processes’ tab.

If there are too many programs running, close some of them. If this doesn’t solve the issue, switch off your computer for some time. Let it remain switched off for a few minutes, and then switch it on.


Examine the Power Options for Windows and the Manufacturer. 

Sometimes, third-party tools can impact the charging of your laptop. You can check the power options for Windows and manufacturers through these steps.

  • Go to the power settings page and tap ‘Settings.’
  • Now, choose ‘Systems‘ followed by ‘Power & Sleep.’
  • Tap ‘Additional power settings.’
  • Tap’ Change plan settings‘ in the next window.
  • Then, choose ‘restore default settings for this plan.’


Final Words

Now the issue of the HP laptop plugged in not charging won’t be able to trouble you for long. It is crucial to inspect the health of your battery and AC adapter. You must also examine the cable connections properly. However, if you still cannot get your laptop charged, it would be ideal to consult printer technical support professionals. They will scrutinize your system deeply and recommend appropriate measures.

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