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HP Fax Error 388 | Fix with 3 Guaranteed Solution

Published by Paul Anderson ,

HP Fax Error 388 | Fix with 3 Guaranteed Solution

Error 388 with HP fax machine generally caused if having either disruption on the line, phone line connection or another device on line. The error may also be caused by improper deletion of applications or hardware or incomplete installation of system files. Don’t be upset! If you have no proficiency to deal with such problematic hurdle as there is a Hewlett Packard Support team who will let you know the proper guidance to sort out the fax error in a second. So, link-up a connection with them and grasp the top-notch solution as doorstep. Moreover, you can keep your eyes feast on the blog-post.


Reasons of HP Fax Error 388 Problem

There are several other factors for which you encounter HP Fax Error 388. Take a glance at below:

  1. While uninstalling software program some valid entries might be left inserting in the Windows computer system registry and then you get such an error code
  2. Due to impacts of virus or malware attack in your PC
  3. Any kind of interruption in your system operation may result to HP Fax Error 388
  4. If your fax machine experiencing communication problem, then also the following error arises
  5. When the phone line connection is not good

Quick Solutions to Fix HP Fax Error 388

Can’t you send a fax? While attempt to sending a fax receiving an annoying HP Fax Error 388? Does the paper start to feed but it stops a little more than half way? Have you checked the phone line and faxing machine and confirm that there is no any problem in that? If everything has been checked by you and still getting the same error code when start faxing the document, then don’t upset! As we have come with a number of solutions so by following them you can annihilate that error. So, let’s start troubleshooting with the given guides!

Solution 1: Implement a Fax Test

  1. Go through the noted instructions to do this:
  2. From the home display on the printer control panel, click on “Fax” button, swipe up and then press the “Setup” option
  3. Click on “Tools” menu and then
  4. Select Test Fax. After doing that, the printer will let you know the status of the test and then prints a document
  5. Wait a while until you take the printouts of Fax Test Report
  6. Afterward, examine the document
  • If the document justifies that the printer has approved the test but still you have faxing issues, then look at the fax configurations provided in the document to create specific setups appropriately. An empty or inaccurate fax setup could trigger glitches with faxing
  • If the document examines that the printer stopped working the test, evaluate the file for additional information related to the repairing issue

Solution 2: Re-Build A Connection

If performing a fax test doesn’t beneficial for exterminating the HP Fax Error 388, next provided solution you should try. In the upcoming method, you have to build a connection second time or re-build the connection in an appropriate way. To do this, follow the given guidelines:

  1. At a different time, you have to once again try to establish a Fax connection when telephone line positions have enhanced
  2. Deactivate V. 34 on the receiving device and also try the transmission making use of the V. 17 setting

Solution 3: Plug-in the Printer Cable Directly into Socket

If both the above methods fail to troubleshoot the Fax Error 388, then choose the third solution to start fixing the problem. In this solution, you simply have to plug the printer cable in socket directly. Let’s do it:

  • While establishing connection, make sure fax is transmitted to master phone outlet, i.e., not using extension or extension cord

Make Use of HP Tech Support for Handy Remedy

Don’t lose your hope! If you have tried all the aforementioned solutions and yet fail to cope-up HP Fax Error 388 as HP Tech Support team is round the clock active to respond your call sooner and assist you in an efficient way. So, the only required thing you should do is to place a call at 24/7 helpline number and stay tuned with them. Ina short span of time such a faxing error issue will be sorted out and further you won’t receive any error code while sending fax.


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