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How to Fix HP Fax Error 344?

Published by Paul Anderson ,

How to Fix HP Fax Error 344?

When you get HP Fax Error 344, it means that your printer is not supporting to send or receive a fax. Hence, the error occurs when there is a communication problem on the phone line. If this error accompanies one particular fax number, you can still send out to all various other fax numbers. After getting this error, the problem most likely to happen with the receiving ends facsimile machine.

Although, if you get the 344 error in your printer continuously when faxing with the printer then there is likely an interaction problem also accompanying your fax line. Though Fax is an old analog technology, in today’s time telephone companies utilize the electronic digital lines.

Therefore, there can be a possibility that your facsimile machine will undoubtedly come across communication problems. Static sound disturbance over the digital lien creates interaction errors. You can contact HP Printer Support if you are unaware of the technical things. Or you have one more option that is you can read the blog further and find the useful steps to correct the error.


Causes of Error HP Fax Error 344

  1. Maybe the remote individual has pulled the Quit switch while the remote device was receiving.
  2. If the link was disrupted, the device stops responding to a fax command from the local device. These errors could happen when the phone lines in the location are old, or there is static on the phone line.
  3. Other power-related issues also have the power to corrupt the connection of fax.
  4. Sometimes due to some unusual situations, a conflict comes between both devices that could trigger the remote device to discard the call merely.

After knowing the reasons, now you can easily solve the error, therefore follow the below solutions.

Fix the HP Fax Error 344 Using Easy Solutions

Solution 1: Modify error correction mode

  1. Select the Setup button from the front panel of the printer.
  2. Choose the Fax Setup.
  3. Now choose the Advanced Fax Setup option.
  4. Click on Error Correction Mode
  5. Switch off the Error Correction Mode, and you are done.

Through this, you can remove the error from your printer. But if not solved yet, then follow the next step.

Solution 2: Modify your fax speed

  1. Select the Set-up button from the front panel of the printer.
  2. Now select Fax Setup.
  3. Select the Advanced Fax Setup settings.
  4. Next, you need to check the Fax Speed.
  5. Change the fax speed and set it slow to 9600 bps.

Maybe by changing the fax speed, your fax error 344 may get resolved.

Solution 3: Try to rebuild the connection

  1. Try rebuilding the connection of your fax reception when the telephone line gets better.
  2. If still, the telephone line is not improved, then you can make a call to telephone provider.

Maybe the telephone operator helps you in improving the connection.

Solution 4: Change the LAN settings

  1. Go to Control Panel to fix the error.
  2. Open Network >> Internet and then internet options.
  3. Select the Connections then afterward click on LAN settings.
  4. Make sure that you automatically, detect the settings and configuration scripts should not be marked.
  5. Click on OK and reload the page.

If the LAN setting is not the culprit and you are still getting the fax issue, then jump to the next step.

Solution 5: Update the printer driver

  1. Click Start or Windows icon.
  2. In the search box, type Device Manager
  3. Now click on the search result.
  4. On the Device Manager window, locate and select other devices.
  5. Now right-click on the category where you want it to install the driver.
  6. Select the Update Driver Software and click on Browse in the newly opened window.
  7. Install the required drivers and click Next.
  8. Choose Close and reboot your computer to complete the installation process.

Final Word from Experts for Error Code 344 HP Fax

After it is done, restart the computer and check if the HP Fax Error 344 is gone or not. However, if the error still troubles you, then you can contact the HP Printer Support Focus to get the help.

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