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How to Fix HP Printer Offline Error? [Solved]

Published by Paul Anderson ,

How to Fix HP Printer Offline Error
How to Fix HP Printer Offline Error? [Solved]

Have you ever encountered that you are printing a document on your HP printer, and you see a pop-up message on your screen stating “HP Printer Offline”. We know it is a bit frustrating moment. You also try many attempts to get it back to work but fail. It is a typical problem that happens in printers. And resolving this issue in HP Printers is a little tricky but not difficult. This blog will explain to you the troubleshooting methods to resolve your problem easily. You will also get the reasons that lead you to the Printer Offline issue.


Why Is My HP Printer Offline?

Your HP printer says offline due to some internal glitches or mistakes, which we mentioned with the following points.

  1. It can be due to Outdated Printer Drivers.
  2. When the Computer and Printer can’ establish a proper connection. 
  3. Due to improper Windows Settings.
  4. When you change the default HP printer from the system.
  5. Improper Printer settings. 
  6. When you don’t set the HP Printer as default. 
  7. Antivirus blocking the Printer connection. 
  8. Computer and Printers to connect with Wifi or Internet.

The above are significant causes why your HP Printer is offline, and you can’t get your print. Now, we will help you fix the issue with the troubleshooting methods in the following section. 


Solutions for HP Printer Offline

When your HP Printer keeps offline, you can try the solutions we will perform in this section. Fixing the Printer offline issue is not tricky, but the hardest part is discovering the main cause. The printer can be offline due to various reasons we mention above. So we will execute all the solutions to find the fault in the HP Printer. So let’s start;


Solution 1: Check Network Connection

It is the first step for HP Printer Offline fix method. When the HP Printer goes offline, always check your network connection. Sometimes, we search for the main clause, and the issue is always with the internet in the back. So it is mandatory to check the internet lines or WiFi network is properly connected to the printer. You can check the connection with the following steps:

  1. Look at the USB connection cable establishing the connection between the computer and the Printer.
  2. Check the HP Printer power cord. 
  3. For wireless Printers, make sure that both computer and printer are connected to the same WiFi network. 
  4. Check for the loose cables of the printer and computer. 


Check Network Connection


Solution 2: Run HP Print & Scan Doctor

If the connection is properly set up and the network is working smoothly, but you still face the HP Printer Offline issue, then use HP Print and Scan Doctor Utility. It is mainly developed to diagnose offline issues. Now, follow the steps and fix the problem efficiently:

  1. Firstly, download and install HP Print and Scan Doctor utility. 
  2. After the download, go to the download location and, using the Administrator Mode open the file HPPSdr.exe.
  3. Now, click on Run to install the Print and Scan Doctor application.
  4. Thereafter, click on Yes to confirm the Trust File Source. 
  5. In this step, click on Start and pick your printer that shows the HP Printer Offline issue.
  6. If you can’t find your printer from the list, then Restart the Printer and click Retry from the Print & Scan Doctor. 
  7. Now, the application will scan for connection problems.
  8. Pursue the steps and when prompted click Yes to enable printer updates. 
  9. Follow and Persist with the steps and click Yes, if you want to set this HP Printer as Default Printer


Run HP Print & Scan Doctor


Solution 3: Manually Set Printer as Default 

You can manually set your Printer as the default printer. It can help you in fixing the HP Printers Offline issue. It is like when you command to print a document, and the default one will come out and initiate the print. So it is compulsory to make the Printer default with the following steps:


Manually Set Printer as Default 


For Windows 10 

  1. Firstly, go to the Search Box, or you can use Cortana to access Devices.
  2. Secondly, choose Printers & Scanners option.
  3. Now, make sure that the “Let Windows Manage My Default Printer” checkbox is not selected. Click the checkbox if it is already selected. 
  4. After that, pick your Printer from the list.
  5. If your Printer is detailed several times, choose the version that displays the online or idle status. 
  6. Now, click on Manage and Set as Default


For Windows 8

Choose your Printer shown on the Devices screen. If you see more than one version, pick the version which isn’t grayed out. After that, do a right-click and choose “Set as Default Printer.”


Solution 4: Disable Printer Offline Mode

Sometimes, by mistake or intentionally, you enable the HP Printer offline mode, by which you experience a Printer Offline issue. So to resolve the printer problem, disable printer offline mode with the following steps:

  1. Firstly, go the Windows Start and type and open Printers & Scanners.
  2. Secondly, choose your HP Printer.
  3. After that, right-click on your HP Printer and choose “See What’s Printing”
  4. Now, choose the Printer tab and choose to unmark Use Printer Offline.
  5. Thereafter, exit the Box.
  6. At last, Restart Your Computer, and your Printer is in Online mode. 


Disable Printer Offline Mode


Solution 5: Confirm Your Windows Services and Printer Port Status

In this section, we will identify that the Printer utilizes a WSD port to help fix the HP Printer Offline issue.

  1. Go to Start or Cortana and open Control Panel.
  2. Then, choose View Devices and Printers tab.
  3. After that, choose your printer, right-click it, and then go for the Printer Properties.
  4. Now, select the Ports tab and identify if the printer utilizes a WSD port.

If yes, follow the given steps, but you can skip this part if it doesn’t use the WSD port and proceed with fixing HP Printer offline issue

  1. Go to Windows Start and explore for Services.
  2. When the Services screen opens, scroll and search Function Discovery Resource Publication and Function Discovery Resource Publication
  3. Now, check the Status and Startup columns.
  4. If they operate with an automatic Startup Type, follow the next step.
  5. If you see a Blank with Manual Startup type, click right on the name and choose Properties
  6. Now, change the Start Type from Manual to Automatic
  7. After that, again go to the Device and Printer screen and press the F5 button. 
  8. Click your Name Printer and review the Status

Now, if it shows the Online status, then your HP Printer Offline issue is resolved. But showing offline, then print network configuration report. For doing this, go to the printer’s Wireless or Settings menu. 

  1. Click right on your Name’s Printer and pick Printer Properties>>Ports tab.
  2. Then, choose Add Port followed by Standard TCP/IP Port and hit on New Port.
  3. Now, utilize the Network Configuration Report to add another port, a hostname is a must.
  4. After that, again reach the Devices and Printers screen and press F5.
  5. At last, by clicking on the Printer, check its status.
  6. If the status is online, your issue is resolved. 


Confirm Your Windows Services and Printer Port Status


HP Printer is Offline – Resolved

HP Printer Offline is a distinguishing problem that many printer users face. This issue mainly occurs with wireless printers and with older ones. But before asking anyone how to fix it, you should go with the above solutions. These steps are explained by the HP Experts.

However, if you are continuously running into the same issue it is better to contact the Experts for perfect solutions. Thank You!

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