HP printer “Check Ink/Print Cartridges” error message may appears on many different OfficeJet, Deskjet or even Envy series inkjet printers. The error message check ink cartridges means that your HP printer simply cannot recognize the color or black ink cartridges. You should check little metallic strip you can see here this will be the same on both black and color cartridges. You may know all those procedures of annihilating such an error code once you obtain HP Support from our dexterous technicians. They are expert in handling any type of HP printer regarding glitches. If you have somehow knowledge in technical field, then you can also troubleshoot this hurdle by yourself.

HP Printer “Check InkPrint Cartridge” Error Message

HP Printer “Check InkPrint Cartridge” Error Message

Steps to Clear HP Printer “Check Ink/Print Cartridge” Error Message

However, there is not an ultimate process of clearing out this error message from the root. I would prefer you to running through the points below and checking to see if the “Check Ink Cartridges” message has disappeared at the end of each one. Therefore, look at the below noted points properly and follow all those procedure one by one.

Method 1: Check Message on the HP Software Carefully

According to the manually several HP printers, the “Check Cartridge” message may be presented when the printer believes the color or black ink cartridge has run out of ink. So, you are recommended to use genuine HP cartridges and re-manufactured cartridges to cope-up this hurdle. Hence, take a moment to check the message on your computer screen and ensure the software is not giving you the option to continue printing.

Method 2: Check Both Cartridges are in The Correct Position

The cartridges used in HP printers are very similar and you would be forgiven for getting them mixed up when it comes to installing them. To ensure that both cartridges are place in correct format to get your cartridges into the cartridge replacement position and examine the cartridge cradle and its surrounding area.

Method 3: Check Ink Cartridge Codes for Compatibility

All HP printer requires some certain ink cartridges to recognize and accept by the printer. There are commonly two main kinds of codes to identify cartridges. Once you have the correct codes to hand simply examine the lid of your cartridges to make sure the cartridge is placed in correct way in your printer.

Method 4: Check/Wipe Cartridge Contacts

It would be recommended you to wipe or check the contacts even if no dirt is visible and use alcohol based cleaning solution or cartridge flush for any stubborn marks that could be stopping the cartridge from being recognized.

Method 5: Wipe Contacts Inside the Printer

If the cartridge contacts revealed in the previous point are clean, it could be the corresponding contacts present inside the printer that are concealed and hence preventing your printer from being recognized the ink cartridge. Cradling the cartridge replacement position and powering off the printer examine the similar looking contacts found in the framework of the printer. Once they are situated at their specific position, use the cleaning method to ensure these contacts are wiped completely. Some of these contacts in the printers are elevated, that’s why I would like to suggest you to use caution for ensuring that scraps of tissue are not left inside the printer.

Method 6: Try Another Cartridge

Maybe cartridges have a genuine electronic fault that won’t be detected with a visual examination. In such condition the only course of action you should take is to try another ink cartridge. If you have an old cartridge and it is empty, try another new cartridge (preferably a genuine HP one). It is highly recommended you to install the new ink cartridges and check if the error has disappeared.

I hope you have found the real information over here. But if still the same error message is being displayed on your computer screen, then without wasting anymore time take HP Printer Support from our well-educated and skilled tech-geeks. They will proffer you some helpful solutions which will be surely effective for you.