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How to Fix HP Laptop Restoration Incomplete Issue?

HP Laptop Restoration Incomplete Issue declares that the restoration process is not completed somehow. Your laptop’s screen turned blue all of the sudden if the restoring process is incomplete. You may shocked and want to know how to get out of this situation with recovery manager. Here, we are highly recommended you to obtain Hewlett Packard Support from the technicians as it is real and trustworthy service. You can grab all the information just by sitting at your home.

Fix HP Laptop Restoration Incomplete Issue

When attempting to perform a system recovery on your HP Laptop, the recovery fails. At the end of an attempted recovery process, Recovery Manager dialog-box displays stating that Restoration Incomplete and the system won’t let you use. If this things happen to you also, then don’t feel dishearten! Just stay connected with this page and read out this post article till the end. You will surely find the prefect answer of this trouble.

Solution to Fix HP Laptop Restoration Incomplete Issue

When the HP Laptop is configured with two hard-drives, then only the restoration process will not be finished. Hence, follow the given points to get some ideas.

Remove Hard Drive and Install Recovery Media

To resolve this issue, complete the recovery with only the primary hard drive installed. Though, the detailed instructions for removing the secondary hard drive are available in the manual for your HP Laptop device.

  1. First of all shut down your HP Laptop, disconnect the AC adapter and remove the battery
  2. Now, eject the secondary hard drive
  3. Insert the recovery disc into optical drive or power-on the laptop and then press the key “F11” to boot from the Recovery Manager
  4. Allow the recovery process to complete
  5. Power off the laptop, disconnect the AC adapter and remove the battery again
  6. Reinstall the secondary hard drive
  7. Power on the laptop

We hope! This above process is helpful for you. But still you find that the restoration is incomplete, then make an instant call at HP Laptop Support Number which is our 24/7 accessing number. There you will get solution in perfection and also 100% guaranteed.

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