If you are a non-tech person and wandering here and there for getting effectual ideas for troubleshooting Google Cloud printer offline issue. You may avail of solutions for other problematic hurdles also. You are suggested to obtain reliable HP Support from well-professional staff. They have talent and proficiency to cope-up all printing issues in a very efficient and smooth way.

Fix Google Cloud Printer Offline Issue

Requirements to Avail Google Cloud Print Service

  1. Users are necessary to have a Google Account.
  2. A printer that supports the service.
  3. A PC that can run the Chrome browser and connected to a compatible printer.
  4. The mobile device that is capable of sending print jobs to Google Cloud print service.

The service of Google works like a breeze most of the time, but there are situations when your printer goes offline. Google Cloud ready printer says offline while printing the document problem usually pops up due to many reasons. To bring such printers online back is not a cup of tea for non-tech. For the better resolution process, you need to uninstall and reinstall the compatible printer driver on your Windows and then link it to the Google Account to retry printing over the Cloud Print service. Despite such troubleshooting process, you can go through the below noted information.

Fix Google Cloud Printer Offline Issues

Follow the provided steps accordingly in order to effectively eradicate the printer offline issue:

  1. Make Sure the Printer is Turned On: Make your printer turn-off, unplug it completely and then reconnect it again and turn it back on. Doing this process might resolve the issue in an instant. Restarting the computer and turning the printer back on process could clear any common errors or software malfunctions the printer is having.
  2. Make Sure Printer Is Connected to The Internet: Google Cloud Printer requires an appropriate connection to the internet, so if the printer has been disconnected for any reason, printing won’t work and display offline during print tasks.
  3. Check the printer and computer to ensure that both are signed into the same Google Account.
  4. Make sure that you are sending the document to right printer for print. To check, open your Google Chrome browser on PC, select File > Print > Choose Printer and then choose the printer you have previously been established as the Google Cloud Printer.
  5. Check your printer configuration and give assurance about your printer isn’t set to Use Printer Offline.
  6. Update the Google Chrome application to the latest version. Outdated software may have compatibility problem that could prevent your printer from printing.
  7. Download and install the newest version of printer’s firmware. If your printer’s firmware is out of date, it may prevent the device from connecting to the internet or could create some trouble with Google Cloud Print.
  8. Refresh your printer from the Google devices page. This helps to recognize your device as either a Classic Printer or a Cloud Ready Printer so it can be shared across the network.
  9. Discard your Google Cloud Print printer and connect it again. If all else fails, you could have corrupted software. Try removing the application, then set it up again. This could solve whatever the issue is having with the printer

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