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Technical Guide To Fix HP Printer Filter Failed Error

Published by Paul Anderson ,

HP Printer Filter Failed
Technical Guide To Fix HP Printer Filter Failed Error

The ‘HP printer filter failed’ issue can indicate a gadget that isn’t working effectively. As a result, you might not be able to utilize it. This error message may appear if the filter on your printer is incompatible with the Operating system you are running, whether Mac or Windows. The challenge now is how to repair the filter failed on HP printer. As a result, the printer’s display may display an error message indicating a filter failure.

As a result, you won’t be able to print anything or your printing will be of poor quality. You can try manually installing your printer’s driver, resetting your printer’s settings to default, and altering your printing and paper settings to fix the filter failure problem.


What Exactly is the HP Printer Filter Failed Error?


If your HP printer’s filter stops working, it means the data in your file is not in the format that your printer can understand. The filter in your printer cartridges is in charge of converting the data in your documents into a format that your HP printer can understand. On Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, and other operating systems, failing to do so may result in HP printer filter failure. You can solve the HP printer filter failure by resetting the device and adjusting the loading paper parameters. Many HP printer errors exist, such as filter failed HP printer mac, filter failed HP printer Chromebook and the HP printer failing Mac Catalina. 


What are the Causes of the Printing Filter Failed HP Error?


The ‘filter failed on HP printer’ Error has several causes.

The following factors may contribute to the failure of the filter in an HP printer running on Mac OS or Windows:


  •  It’s possible that you installed the printer’s drivers incorrectly.
  • Incorrect paper settings can cause this issue.
  • It’s possible that your device’s sharing feature has been deactivated.


Easy Methods To Fix HP Printer Filter Failed Error


You can follow two options to resolve the filter failure issue by manually installing printer drivers and enabling the sharing option. HP is one of the most amazing manufacturers, continually giving excellent outcomes. HP printers are used in each segment for a variety of functions. It has become one of the most generally available printers to date due to enhanced features, characteristics, and services. Customers should be able to execute the support code immediately away if they have a printing issue.


Method 1: Make the Sharing Option Active


  • When you enable the sharing option, you can connect your printer to your computer. 
  • You can find this option in your Windows computer’s System Settings. 
  • You can access these options by opening the Control Panel. 
  • After you’ve finished, restart your computer to ensure that the modifications you’ve made take effect.


Method 2: Reinstall Printer Driver


  • Try to reinstall the drivers to fix the filter failure problem on your HP device. 
  • You must disconnect your printer from your computer and then reconnect it. 
  • You must obtain the most recent version of the drivers from HP’s official website. 
  • By following the directions on your screen, you may install the printer’s driver.


Method 3: Change the Paper’s Properties


  • The filter failure error may also be generated owing to the wrong settings of the paper. By previewing the document you wish to print, you can change the paper settings. 
  • Then, in the dialogue box, select the TIFF option and save your changes. TIFF is used to export your PDF document. 
  • Uncheck the Alpha box and re-save your changes. 
  • Then you may print your document with ease. 
  • After you’ve finished all of the preceding stages, select the appropriate paper size and dimensions, as well as complete the printer settings. 
  • Then, in your system, reinstall the printer’s drivers.


How can I Fix Failed HP Printer Filter on a Mac? 


You can fix HP printer failed filter error on Mac by following methods as follows:


Method 1: Reset HP Printer Filter


  • You can reset the settings of your HP printing machine’s filter if it fails while being used on your Mac computer. 
  • This can be done in System Preferences. 
  • The sources of the issue will be deleted as the settings are reset.


Method 2: Reset Settings


  • If an HP Printer on Mac fails to print due to a filter issue, you can try resetting the settings. To do so, go to System Preferences on your Apple computer. 
  • The Reset Printing option may be found in Print and Scan. 
  • Following that, you must log in as the Administrator. 
  • You will eventually be able to reset your HP printer’s settings.




Printing issues like HP printer filter failed, can be a significant hassle for individuals who need urgent prints for commercial purposes. If you have a technical problem with your printer, rather than waiting until something goes wrong, fix it right away. 


Hopefully, the preceding solutions will be effective in resolving the problem. If the filter printer problem persists, the equipment may have a major problem. It may be a hardware issue. You’ll need to run a diagnostic to figure out why your printer is acting weirdly, and it will show no filtering fails HP printer. Consider getting the assistance of an HP Printer Support professional to find quick solutions.

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