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How To Connect HP Printer to Wifi Using Manual Solution

Published by Paul Anderson ,

Connect HP Printer to WiFi
How To Connect HP Printer to Wifi Using Manual Solution

Are you trying to figure out the ways to connect HP printer wifi or the internet? Your HP printer has become smarter than ever thanks to new technology, making printing simple and convenient. You may now print anything at any time and from any location. Furthermore, you can print documents directly from your mobile devices.

Start here and embark on a pleasurable voyage of simple printing. If you’re deciding which printer to buy and HP is on your list of options, it’s good to know the benefits of owning one. As well as the HP printer ink you’ll need and how long it will last. Before purchasing any printer you should also know about various new technologies. you should know its various connectivity methods.

First of all, you should know the benefits of using an HP printer.

Benefits of Purchasing HP Printers

1. Long-Lasting

HP produces high-quality printers that are made of long-lasting materials and designed to last for many years. When you first buy a printer, you may pay somewhat more than other printers, but this money is soon recouped when your HP lasts for many years.

HP is committed to making devices that last, and they design printers in series to ensure that you can get the HP ink replacement cartridges you need long after your printer is not there in the market.

2. Extensive Warranties

Because HP is a respected brand, all new printer purchases come with a significant warranty. This means that if something doesn’t work as it should, HP will cover the costs and fix the issue.

Many firms provide this as a standard, but what sets HP apart from the competition is that their warranties are frequently longer than the industry norm. This decision not only aids in the sale of the goods but also provides the customer greater confidence in the printer they purchase.

3. Replacement Ink Works Well

HP printers perform well with a replacement HP cartridge from a specialist ink provider if you want a high-quality printer with low-cost ink. If you need an HP cartridge pack, rather than going to the store, you can just go online and place an order with an ink replacement supplier, who will send it to you without delay.

Smart Ink is a good option because they only sell ink for two primary printer brands and take the time to research their ink to ensure that their customers get a high-quality replacement every time. Another advantage of this method of ink replacement is that, if you choose a trustworthy seller, you will be covered by a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the product you receive. Be warned: it’s best to do your homework so you can choose a good ink source the first time around.

How to Connect My HP Printer to Wifi?

Your HP printer can be connected to the wireless network (WIFI) in four ways:

  1. Auto Wireless Connect
  2. Wizard for Wireless Setup
  3. Connect using a WPS Button
  4. Connecting HP printer with the help of a router

Method 1: Auto Wireless Connect

HP Auto Wireless Connect enables you to connect your printer to your wireless network. There’s no need to plug in any cables or enter any wireless network information like your network name or password. To use this option, you must

  1. First, install the printer’s software on your pc or laptop.
  2. Enter your printer model on the HP Support page to get the software.
  3. Download the driver for your operating system and follow the on-screen directions to install it.
  4. Then, Launch the software and turn on your printer.
  5. Choose Wireless and then click Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer when prompted for Network connection type (Ethernet/Wireless).
  6. Wait for your printer to make a connection. This could take a little time.
  7. Simply click Finish when it’s finished.

This is how your HP printer connects to wifi and starts printing.

Method 2: Wizard for Wireless Setup

If you’re thinking how do I connect my HP printer to wifi? This is how you can do it.!

The Setup Wizard on your printer’s control panel. This methodology is only applicable to only HP printers that include a graphical view.

  1. Turn your printer on. Unplug your printer’s USB and other Ethernet wires.
  2. Tap the wireless icon that is visible to you on the screen or go to the Network menu.
  3. Then touch Wireless Setup Wizard after choosing Wireless Settings.
  4. Click OK after finding your network.

Method 3: Connect using a WPS Button

If both your network and HP printer support WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) push-button mode. You can connect your printer to WiFi in under two minutes with just a single button press on your printer and router.

  1. On your printer, press the WPS button. If your printer doesn’t have a physical push button, you can use the control panel to activate the WPS push button mode.
  2. From the Wireless menu, choose Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  3. Next, if you want to finish the setup, you need to follow all on-screen directions.
  4. Choose WPS Button from the drop-down menu. Then you’ll be requested to hit your router’s WPS button.

Well, if you’re constantly dealing with how to connect a HP printer to Wifi issue, this is the best way.

Method 4: Connecting HP Printer with the Help of a Router

You don’t require an Internet connection to troubleshoot HP printer connect to wifi issue. You can print your important documents immediately, by using your smartphone, tablet, or through HP Wireless Direct. Simply connect your device to the printer’s HP WiFi network as you would any other wireless network.

If you still facing the same connection issue, contact the HP Support Team. They will take care of all your issues and provide an appropriate solution quickly.


So, if you’re thinking about how to connect HP printer to wifi, you should read all the above manual steps. They can be easily connected to wifi. They are popular because they are dependable and consistently produce excellent-looking sheets. You will never be disappointed with an HP.


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