What Exactly HP Printer in Error State Means? How to Fix It?

While printing document using your HP printer machine, there may be a chance of receiving a status "Printer in Error State". In that condition, you need to make sure that the printer is turned-on and properly connected to your PC via Wi-Fi or USB cable. You should also check the printer for low paper or ink cartridge and also make sure that the cover isn't open and the paper isn't jammed. After checking out all these functions and assuring that there is no problem in printer device, but still the same issue is arising, then the last procedure you will have to do is to knock the tech-support engineer’s door via dialing the provided helpline number and ask them for the help. They will give you 100 assurances for resolving of your error state issue.


The error usually occurs when there is a connection problem or update issues in between both the devices HP Printer and Computer. Moreover, it is quite possible that users have come across a pop up on their computer saying that the "printer is in an error state" condition. While this problem generates, users won’t be able to print job. We the team of qualified engineers has discussed the solutions to get this problem fixed up.

Reasons of Occurring Printer Is in an Error State

Malfunctioning of the HP printers is one of the most common hiccups encountered by the users. Resolving the issue may seem to be complicated but actually, it isn’t. But before mending the issue you need to know the detail information about the problem so that you can effortlessly fix it. Listed below are some major consequences of arising the error state issue.

  • The toner is not clean and also it is not set up into the printer properly
  • Due to paper jam issue, this error being faced
  • The printing task may be sent to the wrong printer by MS Windows operating system
  • The printer Spooler doesn’t function properly
  • Issues regarding wireless connections will show up
  • Due to improperly connected USB cable or an operating system
  • There might be connection issues with wireless, USB, Bluetooth and wired and even
  • Because of driver issue, such an error arises

These are some of the adverse behavior of a malfunctioning HP printer. But you don’t need to be worried as every problem has a particular solution. Therefore, instead of feeling blue, try to find out the exact possible solution of this nasty issue. This is an error that hinders your printer from responding to the print commands that you give. Therefore, it is required to terminate this error state problem as soon as possible as only then you will be applicable to print your emergency document.


What Are the Effective Steps to Fix HP Printer in Error State?

There is multiple different procedure by which you can annihilate this error state issue. You should simply use any of the given resolving steps to cope-up the printer problem. Hence, catch the below-written points by keeping your eyes feast:

  • Check for The Connection and Re-start The Devices: This is one of the simplest solutions that you can try when you find your HP printer in error state. Follow the given steps:
  • First you have to check whether proper connection between the computer and the printer device is established
  • You should also make sure that the connection is functioning appropriately
  • Sometimes, it is possible that this issue has arisen at the time of start-up. So, restarting the device will do the trick. One should power off the computer as well as printer and leave them for a couple of minutes. After a while, turn then ON and see whether the issue has disappeared
  • Re-install Your Printer Driver or Update It : To resolve this error, you can try updating the printer drivers. To do so, follow the below instructions:
  • First and forecast press "Windows + R" keys simultaneously
  • Now, to open the Run, type "devmgmt.msc" in the dialogue box and hit "Enter"
  • Navigate to all the hardware, open the sub-menu “Print queues”, right click on your printer hardware and then select “Update driver” from the list of options
  • Doing so Windows will pop a dialogue box saying you which way do you want to update your driver. Select the second option and go ahead
  • Select the driver file you have downloaded using the browse button and update it accordingly
  • At the end restart your PC and check whether the problem is resolved

In case still the printer is in error state, then go ahead to the next procedure.

  1. Make Sure the Paper Is Loaded: It is important to check whether there is paper loaded on the printer tray. Before doing this, you have to give assurance that the printer has been turned off. Now turn on your printer again and wait for some time until your printer is in ready state. Now check for the error.
  2. Unplug The Cable: Unplug the cables at both the ends and then replugging or remaking a wireless connection. Now, try to print a document.
  3. Make Sure Your Printer Is Online: You should check the status of your printer. If the printer is online, then you can hassle-freely print the document. In case it is offline, you have to bring it online first and then try to print. Check the printer status by following the below procedure:
  4. First of all tap on the 'Start' option and then select 'Control Panel'
  5. Next, choose 'Devices and Printers' option
  6. Check if the printer is offline. If your printer is online, the status will show as Ready
  7. Set the printer online by giving a right click on 'Printer' and mark a tick on the check-box 'Use Printer Online'

Hopefully, the above steps are helpful for you in exterminating the printer in error state. But if the problem yet is confronting by you, then try out the next below listed procedure.

  • In Addition to The Solutions Listed Above, You Can Also Try the Following
  • Clearing all print queues and restarting the print spooler service
  • Make sure that no generic drivers are installed against your printer. Make sure that the exact ones with the model number are installed
  • Open the 'Parallel Port' in the device manager, double-click on it to open the settings and select the option “Use any interrupt assigned to the port”
  • Go to ports in the device manager, then LPT and choose properties. Now enable the option “Enable Legacy Plug & Play”

If none of the above resolution methods are beneficial for you to eliminate the error in state problem with your HP printer, then the last but not the least option is to make connection with the dexterous engineer. They are the one who can assist you the possible method of resolving this issue within a couple of seconds. They are having numbers of years of experience in technical field and also have tendency to deal with the nasty printer related problem. They are friendly in nature and when you talk to them, you will notice that how much patience they have in making your problem understand. They will give a 100% satisfying solution at an affordable cost. Therefore, stop pulling your hairs and place a call on the 24/7 accessible helpline number. Once you contact them, all your hassle will be relief and you will surely feel good.

How Do I Get My Printer Out of an Error State?

To resolve the problem few steps are recommended below to perform:

  1. First, save your work before doing these steps.
  2. Turn off the printer using the power button and then unplug the power cord.
  3. Open Windows Services, either by searching on the search tab or by pressing Window key + R, type services.msc in the window that opens, then click OK.
  4. Scroll down the page and look for the Print Spooler and select Stop.
  5. Select Stop when the Spooler taskbar opens.
  6. After service has been stopped, close the window and use Window Explorer to browse to C:\Windows\System32\Spool\PRINTERS.
  7. Delete all the files from the PRINTERS folder and then shut down your computer.
  8. Before turning on the Printer make sure that you have unplugged it for at least 60 seconds, now plugin and start it.
  9. Switch on your computer and Windows, now try to print out any document. If it goes well then continue or if it stuck again then you can call the HP printer support technicians to resolve your problem.

After trying the above steps if you are unable to solve the problem you can either contact HP printer support by dropping email online, or you can call them on printer support number- 1 (650) 857-1501.

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